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    Problems that must be paid attention to when choosing a couplant filling machine

    • Last Update: 2022-06-09
    • Source: Internet
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    At present, there are not many manufacturers producing couplant filling machines on the market, and not many manufacturers can have special solutions


    Although there are not many R & D manufacturers

    The structural principles of each company are also different.
    As an equipment manufacturer, the main concern is stability and durability.
    Stability and durability require time to measure.
    It cannot be tested within a year and a half, so it is still from the workmanship and equipment.
    Configuration, after-sales service conditions and word of mouth to make decisions


    According to the current market, there is no brand machine for the couplant filling machine

    Most of the manufacturers of such machines are a mix of fish and dragons, copying each other

    In this case, to buy a filling machine that you like and that is worth the money, you have to work hard

    Do the big manufacturers of this kind of couplant filling machine have to do it well?
    The answer is not necessarily; Shanghai Shenggang Machinery filling machine R&D manufacturer warns everyone: to buy a machine, you need to shop around and abandon the traditional concept.
    Don’t think that big manufacturers will definitely make good couplant fillings.


    Large manufacturers sometimes have too many orders, and they are in a hurry.
    Most of them have to cope with it.
    Will the machines produced in this way be good?
    Therefore, the main thing to buy a couplant filling machine is to look at the machine itself, not the manufacturer


    Sometimes a machine made by an engineer independently is better than a machine made by a manufacturer

       According to Shanghai Shenggang Machinery's many years of research and development experience

    The first thing to look at is the appearance of the couplant filling machine, and the process; the second step is performance; the third step is to look at the quality assurance; What Kung Fu does, on the other hand, also reflects the level of the processor

    To see the performance of the machine, it is necessary to carry out trial operation.
    If the accuracy does not meet your own requirements, it will be inconvenient to operate, etc.
    , you must rely on yourself to weigh it


    Looking at the warranty, the longer the warranty period, the more guaranteed the machine is.
    The longer the warranty period, it also reflects the confidence of the manufacturer in the reliability of the machine made by himself


    This also shows the quality of this machine

    Look at the packaging, the instructions are not detailed, and the accessories are not complete, so you can see the professionalism of the manufacturer who produces this machine

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