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    Product uses and safety measures of 2-chloro-4-nitroaniline

    • Last Update: 2021-08-28
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    2-chloro-4-nitroaniline (2-chloro-4-nitroaniline) is also known as o-chloro- p -nitroaniline, 4-amino-3-chloronitrobenzene (4-amino-3-chloronitrobenzene), the molecular formula is C 6 H 5 CIN 2 O 2 , the molecular weight is 172.
    58, and the structural formula is

    Product performance

    Yellow needle-like crystals, melting point 107~109℃; soluble in ethanol , ether , carbon disulfide and benzene, slightly soluble in water and 50% acid, insoluble in crude gasoline; toxic

    Production principle

    After p-nitroaniline is salted with hydrochloric acid, it is chlorinated with sodium hypochlorite to obtain the product

    Process flow

    Technical formula (kg/t)

    Main equipment

    Reaction pot, filter press, storage tank, dryer

    Production process

    Add 450L of water, 1120kg of 30% hydrochloric acid to the reaction pot, increase the temperature to 50°C, add 185.
    6kg of p-nitroaniline, and stir for 20min to dissolve

    Add ice to cool down to about -2°C, slowly add 1120kg of 10% sodium hypochlorite solution from below the liquid surface, use starch potassium iodide test paper to test at any time during the reaction, it should be slightly blue

    After about 4h, the feeding is finished, keep 0~2℃ and continue to stir and react for 2h.
    Check with
    potassium iodide starch test paper and still show light blue unchanged, which is the end point
    Add water to adjust the volume to 6000L, let it settle for precipitation, and remove the upper layer of waste acid

    Add water to a total volume of 6000L

    After stirring, let it stand, remove the waste acid layer, press filter, rinse with clean water, and dry, and the finished product is about 200kg


    Product Standard

    Quality inspection

    Assay: Accurately weigh about 2.
    5g sample, place it in a 400mL clean drying cup, add 30mL hydrochloric acid and 100mL distilled water, heat and dissolve on an electric stove, add distilled water to dilute to a total of 300mL

    This solution is cooled to 0 ~ 10 ℃

    Then insert the tip of the burette into the solution, and under constant stirring, add 0.
    sodium nitrite standard solution (95% of the required amount) at once
    Then take the tip of the burette out of the liquid surface, rinse the tip of the burette with distilled water, add 0.
    5mo/L sodium nitrite standard solution drop by drop until the solution makes the potassium iodide-starch test paper slightly blue, and keep it for 5 minutes without fading, that is the end point

    Do a blank experiment at the same time


    In the formula: c——molar concentration of sodium nitrite standard solution, mol/L;

    V——The volume of sodium nitrite standard solution consumed by the sample, mL;

    V 1 ——The volume of sodium nitrite standard solution consumed in the blank experiment, mL;

    G——The mass of the sample, g

    Product use

    Used as dyes, pigments and pharmaceutical intermediates, such as the synthesis of Disperse Red B, Silver Bead R, and Schistosomiasis-67 paste

    Security measures

    (1) The raw material is highly toxic to nitroaniline, and the maximum allowable concentration in the air is 0.

    The product is an organic drug

    The chlorination equipment should be sealed, the operators should wear labor protection equipment, and the workshop should be well ventilated


    (2) The products are packed in iron drums or plastic bags and stored in a cool, dry place
    Store and transport in accordance with toxic chemicals regulations




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