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    "Products and services", Sanofi accelerated to lead the new trend of diabetes management in China

    • Last Update: 2020-12-11
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    One hundred years ago, insulin, a major life-saving discovery, completely bid farewell to diabetes as a "human killer" and turned it into a controlled and treatable chronic disease.
    , because of the complexity of diabetes prevention and treatment, management problems have not been found "optimal solution", it is still a human "sweet and heavy burden."
    data show that diabetes as one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, the number of cases is large, including China's diabetes incidence rate is the first in the world.
    statistics, there are about 120 million diabetics in China, equivalent to 1 diabetic in every 10 people.
    same time, more than one-third of people in our country have abnormal blood sugar and are in prediabetes, and if they are not interfered with, these groups will put a heavy burden on society and families.
    such a large number of sick people, there is a broad market prospects, but also face difficult challenges - patient education, blood sugar standards, prevention and treatment of complications, reduce the rate of fatal disability, improve the quality of life, extend the life of patients ... These complex and staggered targets need to be overcome one by one! In order to solve these problems of diabetes prevention and treatment, in addition to drug innovation, slow disease management model innovation is also indispensable.
    with the infiltration of the Internet, a storm brought about by the digital revolution is also starting.
    in such an innovative transformation, Sanofi's pace of innovation and China's strategy, as the richest portfolio of diabetes drugs and the most digital multinational pharmaceutical company, have attracted increasing attention.
    speed up the introduction! Sanofi continues to forge new drug weapons as the main treatment for diabetes, and insulin's status is never a substitute.
    in this field, has more than 100 years of history, into China for nearly 40 years of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has a lot to come.
    the first rabies vaccine in medical history, the first insulin, the first flu vaccine, the first long-acting insulin, the first mass-produced inactivated polio vaccine, these original innovation breakthroughs belong to Sanofi.
    Its research and development of insulin glycelin came at ®, the world's first long-acting insulin similar, was once one of the world's best-selling diabetes products, according to Minenet data, in 2019 China's public medical institutions terminal, when ® sales exceeded 6 billion yuan, the market share of the first.
    addition, Sanofi is introducing new products around the world and in the Chinese market to meet the needs of more patients in an increasingly competitive environment for diabetes treatment drugs.
    In November, Sanofi's new innovative diabetes drug, insulin glycelin injection U300 (Toyophon ®), was launched in China, bringing safer and smoother new options for adult type 2 diabetes patients who need insulin treatment.
    is understood to be ® is Sanofi's sixth innovative drug to be launched in China this year, and the third biologic.
    For this product, Sanofi China President Dr. He Enxuan said, "Come to the best® is a basic insulin preparation, compared to other insulin treatment advantages of three points: first, it can be long-lasting and smooth blood sugar control;
    , managing director of Sanofi's Diabetes Division in China, added: "As the most common adverse reaction in insulin therapy, the potential harm of hypoglycemia cannot be ignored.
    for clinicians, concerns about low blood sugar can affect insulin dose adjustment and are a key factor in preventing blood sugar from reaching the standard.
    patients, because of the fear of low blood sugar will increase the proportion of drug suspension, but also easy to form inertial anxiety, to life problems, affecting the treatment of confidence and efficacy.
    lower sugars ®, lower risk of hypoglycemia, providing patients with a better treatment option.
    " at the same time, Nolin said: "In China, the treatment of diabetes also has a characteristic - that many patients are diagnosed at a relatively late stage, or not well controlled."
    In this way, insulin therapy is not enough for these advanced patients, so Sanofi also has a GLP-1-subjector astration (acting on post-meal blood sugar) that can be used in a coalition with insulin glycelin (acting on fasting blood sugar), which is a good choice for many patients with advanced stage, high blood sugar and difficulty controlling.
    the drug is already available in many countries, clinical studies are under way in China and are expected to be a very good weapon for diabetes treatment in the future.
    " In addition, Sanofi China President Dr. He Enxuan stressed, "In the future, Sanofi will continue to focus on unsopheded demand for chronic disease management, and continue to introduce more innovative drugs and innovative slow disease management solutions to help people achieve the ultimate goal of fighting and even defeating diabetes."
    "Innovation Subversion!" Sanofi led the digital slow disease management trend in recent years, diabetes patients' health management, in addition to drug treatment, lifestyle adjustment, complications prevention and treatment, heart and kidney and other important organ protection, patients' psychological state and intervention have become the focus of research topics.
    These urgent market demand in the Internet connection, gave birth to a huge market space, once represented by diabetes slow disease management once became the mobile medical market competition the biggest battleground, and even set off a "sugar war", smoke filled.
    However, after the roaring noise, the bubble brushed away, after round after round of survival of the fittest, the industry order gradually established, diabetes slow disease management into the era of rational deep cultivation, some pharmaceutical companies as the representative of the industry began to show real value.
    , one of the most extensive portfolio of diabetes drugs and one of the most digital multinational pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi began exploring the use of digital technology to empower diabetes management as early as 2014.
    more than six years, Sanofi has launched a new intelligent disease science, diagnosis and management diabetes management solution in China.
    , Sanofi has made digital innovation a strategic core for the future.
    October 2020, the first Diabetes Clinic Innovation Forum was successfully held in Shanghai.
    Sanofi has joined hundreds of expert representatives in the field of diabetes and upstream and downstream to discuss the current state and future trends of diabetes treatment, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies such as digitalization to create more possibilities for integrated diagnosis and treatment.
    100 years of diabetes management experience tell us that innovation is not limited to drugs," Dr. He En-yu, President of Sanofi China, told the conference.
    While accelerating the introduction of innovative products to China, we are also committed to working with partners to promote major innovations in the management of chronic diabetes in China, mainly through the design of a 'clinical decision support system' to improve the efficiency of primary care;
    " can be seen, in the multi-faceted, intelligent, innovative exploration, Sanofi is leading China's digital slow disease management of the new trend.
    and it is worth mentioning that China has become Sanofi's world's second largest market, so the Chinese market has become sanofi's long-term development of the inevitable choice.
    In order to explore the leading innovation model of chronic disease whole course management in China in greater depth, Sanofi China announced on November 8, 2020 that it has reached a strategic partnership with Shanghai Pudong Software Park Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., which will land Sanofi Smart Medical Slow Disease Management Innovation Project in the Incubation Space of Pudong Software Park.
    In response, Dr. He Enxuan, President of Sanofi China, said, "We hope to create an innovative and intelligent slow disease management ecosystem by deeply ploughing into the Chinese market to achieve a better vision of reversing the spread of chronic diseases by 2030, while extending China's digital innovation program to the world so that more patients can enjoy a healthy life."
    believes that in the near future, the "sweet burden" of diabetes will improve the quality of life by minimizing patients through generations of drug innovations and technological innovations.
    when the ultimate dream of humanity's victory over diabetes will come true.
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