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    Professor Zhang Na, Harbin Business University: The effect of adding soy protein hydrolysis to infant formula on the proliferative metabolism of heat-addicted streptococcus

    • Last Update: 2021-01-12
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    add soy protein hydrolysate (soy protein hydrolysate, SPH) to promote the proliferation of heat-addicted streptococcus
    Add SPH to promote heat-addicted streptococcus to produce more organic acids and H
    Add SPH to enhance the antibacterial activity of heat-addicted streptococcus against E. coli
    add 15% ∼20% SPH to infant formula is best
    Zhi-hui Sun, Ming-jing Yao, Na Zhang and others from The Key Laboratory of Food Science and Engineering in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Commercial University, added soy protein hydrolysate (SPH) to proteinless infant formula to study the effects of SPH on the proliferation and metabolism of heat-addicted streptococcus. Compared to commercially available infant formula (CK) and protein-free milk powder (BK), infant formula containing 20% SPH significantly promotes the proliferation of heat-philus streptococcus in MRS mediums, thereby increasing cell density and the number of live bacteria. In addition, the effects of SPH on the metabolism of heat-addicted streptococcus were studied by analyzing the content of 7 organic acids and H
    in the medium. The higher the
    2 O
    2, the stronger the antibacterial activity of E. coli. Therefore, the addition of SPH to infant formula can effectively promote the growth of probiotics, SPH is also expected to become a potential protein substitute in infant formula.
    , a professor and doctoral tutor in the School of Food Engineering, Harbin Business University. Deputy Secretary-General of the Youth Working Committee of the China Food Science and Technology Society and Secretary-General of heilongjiang Food Science and Technology Society. Mainly engaged in food protein chemistry research, presided over and completed 9 national, provincial and municipal projects, participated in the completion of more than 20 projects at all levels. More than 60 articles have been published, including more than 10 in SCI/EI journals. Editor-in-chief of science publishing materials" food hygiene and safety.
    the article "The influence of soy protein hydrolysate (SPH) add-on to infant formula powder on
    Streptoccus thermophilus
    and metabolism is published online
    Food Research International
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