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    Progress has been made in the study of polysynthetic biosynthetic regulation of ferret polysaccharine

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
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    Dr. Zhai Zhenming of the Agricultural Capital Center of the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the guidance of Duan Jun researchers, made progress in the study of the regulation and regulation of polysynthetic polysynthetics of ferrets. The study was published recently in BMC Plant Biology. It is reported that the study not only helps to perfect the basic theory of plant polysaccharide synthesis and regulation, but also provides a scientific basis for the improvement of ferns and the development of active ingredients.
    is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, there are more than two thousand years of medicinal practice history. Water-soluble polysaccharides, composed of sugar and glucose as the main components, are considered to be the most important pharmaceutical components of ferrets, with contents of 34.06% to 43.27%. Modern pharmacological studies have found that iron-skin pyrethroid polysaccharies are prominent in immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemia. However, the current regulation and research on the biosynthetic synthesis of ferret polysaccharine is still not deep.
    researchers excavated eight DNA methyl transferases (DoC5-MTase) and three DNA demethylases (DodMTase) using ferns as material. In addition to the specific distribution of DME sub-families in gemal leaf plants, met, CMT, DRM, DNMT2, ROS1, DML3 sub-families are widely distributed in single-leaf and gemal plants, and each forms a single gene family unique to single-leaf or gemal leaf plants. The DoC5-MTase and DodMTase promoter regions contain a variety of hormone response, light response, stress response, tissue organ-specific expression and other components, indicating that they play an important role in a variety of stress response processes.
    most DoC5-MTase genes (DoMET1, DoDRM1, DoDRM2, DoCMT3) were significantly reduced under the stress of low temperature and drought adversity, while the transcriptional abundance of the DodMTase gene increased significantly. The above results show that low temperature and drought can dynamically change the expression levels of DoC5-MTase and DodMTase, and the stress response gene is silenced or activated by methylation and de-methylation to adapt to changes in the environment.
    RT-qPCR analysis showed that during the growth and development of ferrets, the expression of polysaccharine synthesis of key enzyme genes (DoPMM, DoGMP1, DoUGP, DoUGE, DoGMT1, DoCSLA6) increased significantly. During this period, the doC5-MTase gene was significantly reduced in expression, while the DodMTase gene significantly increased expression, resulting in a significant decrease in the level of methylation of ferret DNA, which in turn promoted a significant increase in the expression of polysaccharide synthesis of key enzyme genes, resulting in a significant increase in the polysaccharide content of ferrets.
    results show that metagenetics (DNA methylation modification) can regulate the biosynthetic synthesis of ferret polysaccharides, and that doC5-MTase and DNA demethylase are likely to form a balanced negative feedback loop, which in turn dynamically regulates the biosynthetic synthesis of ferret polysaccharides. (Source: Zhu Hanbin Zhoufei, China Science Journal)
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