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    Promote the technological revolution of pharmaceutical production equipment and help fight the battle against pollution

    • Last Update: 2022-03-16
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    [ Market analysis of chemical machinery and equipment network ] It is reported that as of the end of 2019, the eight binding indicators in the field of ecological and environmental protection identified in the "13th Five-Year Plan" have been completed ahead of schedule.
    From January to September this year, these eight are based on this.
    Continue to develop well, and it is expected that the binding target of 84.
    5% will be achieved by the end of the year.
    It can be seen that my country has achieved remarkable results in environmental pollution control during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.
    According to the next plan, we will do a good job in the "six stability" work, implement the "six guarantees" tasks, and ensure that the "13th Five-Year" ecological and environmental protection tasks are successfully concluded.
    At the same time, we will make overall plans for the "14th Five-Year Plan" ecological and environmental protection work, extend the depth and breadth, and continue to fight pollution prevention and control.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis chemical machinery and equipment
    The pharmaceutical industry is a "big polluter".
    According to relevant data, the total output value of my country's pharmaceutical industry only accounts for about 3% of the national GDP, but the total pollution discharge has reached 6%.
    Therefore, in this tough battle for environmental protection, the pharmaceutical industry also needs to shoulder corresponding environmental responsibilities.


    Pharmaceutical companies urgently need to strengthen pollution prevention and treatment work
    Pharmaceutical companies urgently need to strengthen pollution prevention and treatment work

      From the 2012 release of the National Water Pollution Prevention and Control Plan for Key River Basins, to the introduction of the New Environmental Protection Law in January 2015, to the introduction of the Environmental Protection Tax on January 1, 2018.
    In fact, it can be clearly felt The country attaches great importance to environmental protection issues.
    In this context, pharmaceutical companies urgently need to strengthen pollution prevention and treatment work.


      In recent years, it can be found that there are not a few pharmaceutical companies that have been investigated for environmental violations.
    Some have not installed air pollution prevention and control facilities, causing dust to be discharged to the environment; some are because the sewage treatment station only has a sewage tank without supporting facilities.
    Construction of relevant sewage treatment facilities; some pharmaceutical companies are frequently exposed because of environmental pollution problems on the production line.
    There are so many examples of environmental pollution, which force pharmaceutical companies to look directly at environmental protection treatment issues.


      The opposite case is that some pharmaceutical companies have explored in advance how to achieve the symbiosis of development and environmental protection, and have achieved certain results.
    For example, some pharmaceutical companies adopt the attitude of "research and improve environmental protection technology like research drugs", strictly implement and integrate the EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) concept, and actively explore and adopt excellent environmental protection technologies at home and abroad, and have achieved benefits and economics.
    Obvious results of co-development.
    Whatever you pay, there will be rewards.
    The pharmaceutical company was successfully selected as a "green factory" in the third batch of green manufacturing list announced *.


      "People need to take medicine when they are sick.
    It is a good thing for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs, but the development of new drugs also needs to deal with environmental issues in order to make new drugs alive.
    " Some insiders said.


      Promoting the technological revolution of production equipment is imminent
      Promoting the technological revolution of production equipment is imminent

      It is understood that in the pharmaceutical field, the pollutants produced in the pharmaceutical process mainly include waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other forms.
    Due to the complex composition of the pollutants, reasonable treatment and preventive measures need to be taken for different pollutants.
    Among them, high-concentration, high-salinity waste liquid is a tricky link encountered by pharmaceutical companies in environmental protection treatment.
    "Only by handling this link well, can the subsequent wastewater treatment work be done more conveniently and promote the green development of the industry.

      However, pharmaceutical companies often need to invest a certain amount of money to improve the level of environmental protection treatment.
    Take the above-mentioned pharmaceutical companies that have achieved development and environmental protection symbiosis as an example.
    Behind their good benefits, they cannot do without continuous capital investment.
    It is reported that as of September this year, the pharmaceutical company has invested more than 1.
    6 billion yuan in environmental protection infrastructure, of which the environmental protection operating expenses in 2019 alone reached 240 million yuan.


      “For small and medium-sized enterprises, purchasing environmental protection facilities often requires a large amount of capital, which is difficult for many companies to afford, and will have a fluke mentality in the process of seeking survival.
    ” A pharmaceutical company official said.


      At present, many people in the industry place their hopes on the equipment industry, believing that it is imminent to promote the technological revolution of production equipment.
    Only by developing high-cost green production equipment can they help more pharmaceutical companies to do a good job in environmental protection.


      The author has learned that, in fact, many domestic equipment manufacturers continue to make efforts in the field of environmental protection.
    For example, a dual-effect energy-saving concentrator that can be applied to the concentration of liquid materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, edible dairy products, etc.
    , launched by a pharmaceutical machine company, due to the use of dual-effect simultaneous evaporation, secondary steam can also be used, and the total energy consumption Compared with a single-effect concentrator, the amount can be reduced by 40%; some companies have brought an overall solution for centralized water supply, adopting a completely modular design scheme and in-depth energy planning and implantation, so that the overall recovery rate of the purified water system can reach 92%.
    At the same time, the equipped waste heat recovery module and concentrated water recovery module can better realize the recycling of energy, help enterprises to further save energy and reduce emissions, and reduce enterprise costs.



      It is foreseeable that as pharmaceutical companies pay more attention to pollution prevention and treatment, the equipment industry will usher in opportunities.
    It should be noted that achieving success in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection does not happen overnight.
    In the words of industry insiders, even 1% of energy saving requires a lot of investment.
    Therefore, the equipment industry also needs to strengthen R&D investment, through continuous innovation and upgrading, to create more high-cost environmental protection equipment , in order to help pharmaceutical companies to grasp the quality of production, while achieving energy saving and consumption reduction, and help pharmaceutical companies to win the battle against the blue sky.

    Green facilities
      Original title: Promote the technological revolution of pharmaceutical production equipment and help fight the battle against pollution
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