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    Property with pungent smell of paint from tap water: routine maintenance of paint pipes

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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    Global Paint Network News: After the

    property paint pump room was piped, the water in the homes of the residents was "stained" with the smell of paint? Yesterday, a number of residents living in Yihe Huacheng, Lane 477, Wuwei East Road, reported to this newspaper that for more than a week, Nearly 200 households in the district endured the smell of paint from the tap water, which made them worried.
    "Tap water is contaminated by paint.
    We can only buy pure water for drinking water, and domestic water can only be used to "fetch water" in the green belt.


      downstairs and line up every day to pick up water.

      Resident Ms.
    Ke told reporters that on May 22, residents were there.
    There was a strong smell of paint downstairs, and at first I thought someone was decorating the house.
    Later, the situation became more and more serious, and some residents also smelled a strong smell of paint in the basement.
    “We saw the construction team and a property staff, and then the construction team removed the paint buckets from the basement.
    ” The next day, more residents smelled a pungent paint smell while using tap water, and they called the property to report the situation.

      The property company immediately sent someone to clean the water tank and posted a notice at all the house numbers involved in the problematic water source in the afternoon.
    Each household distributed two buckets of 4L mineral water, and informed the residents that “if you need water, you can fetch water from the green faucet.

      “Most of the hundreds of households are ordinary office workers.
    They are busy during the day.
    Those who stay at home are the elderly and children who need water.
    ” Ms.
    Ke said.
    The elderly at home take large buckets and line up at the green faucet every morning.
    Water, and then take it home step by step, so back and forth to protect the water in the house during the day.
    "At night, we have to find ways to store water at home, so as to alleviate the family's difficulty in water during the day.
    When is this kind of day?" During the conversation, Ms.
    Ke filled the basin with tap water, and the reporter could indeed smell the paint.

      "routine maintenance" paint pipeline
      In this regard, Zhu Jinlong, manager of Shanghai Xincheng Property Management Co.
    , Ltd.
    , who manages the community, told reporters that the property company did paint the pump room pipes recently, but that was only a “routine maintenance” and the paint was not painted on the inside of the pipes.
    There is no possibility of infiltrating the pipe and polluting the tap water.
    "After the incident, the property company cleaned the water tank for several days from 23 to 27, but the residents reported that the paint smell in the water still did not dissipate.
    " Zhu Jinlong said that the property company then asked a professional company to do a test.

      The reporter confirmed from the residents that the property company did conduct tests, but according to residents' reports, the report did not contain any data tests related to the content of paint ingredients.
    The reporter saw from this test report that the "test results" column only contained information such as chroma, turbidity, naked eyes, and the total number of colonies.
    It did not mention whether there were paint and other substances in the water.
    In the end, the test report concluded that "bacteria exceeded the standard.

      Residents questioned that it is obviously irresponsible for such a rough test report to be approved by the property company and posted at the entrance of the building.
    "On the afternoon of May 27th, the property posted this test report at the entrance of the building, and informed us that the water quality was'in accordance with the standard of living water, and drinking water will no longer be distributed to residents', but the peculiar smell of the water has not been eliminated.

      this week Then the test report was
    Manager Zhu said that considering that the owner is not satisfied with the previous test report, the property company has recently re-sent the water sample to a professional test company for testing, and the relevant test report will be issued within this week.
    “We also hope to find

      the'root cause' of the paint smell in tap water, and to properly handle this matter so that residents can use water with peace of mind.
    Manager Zhu revealed that the Putuo District Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention Station also sent someone to take water samples a few days ago .
    The inspection report must also be issued this week.
    Why does the water used by residents in the community carry the smell of paint? When can the annoying smell be eliminated? (Source: Global Paint Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Paint Network
    http:// )

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