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    Puguang Gas Field launches LDAR leak detection technology application

    • Last Update: 2021-07-31
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, the Puguang Gas Field has introduced LDAR (leak detection and repair) technology and used the instrumental means of detecting VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by refining and chemical companies to conduct professional leak detection on the first, second, and third joint devices

      This inspection focuses on the establishment and inspection of the sealing points of the raw gas, product gas, sulfur-containing process gas, rich amine liquid, fuel gas, flare system, and lubricating oil system of the three sets of combined units in operation in the east section of the natural gas purification plant

      Before the testing work is carried out, the safety disclosure and "double confirmation" system shall be strictly implemented, and the content and scope of the test on the day shall be reasonably allocated.
    During the testing process, the team cooperates and monitors each other to ensure the safety and quality of the test

    After the test is over, the tester records the actual test data in time.
    The recorded value includes the test value, test time, test instrument number, environmental background value, etc.
    , forms a test report, and feeds the results back to relevant departments and grassroots workshops in time for the next step.
    Provide a basis for the elimination of hidden dangers in sexual development


      The introduction of this detection technology enables timely, comprehensive and accurate detection of leaks, a comprehensive grasp of the operating conditions of the dynamic and static sealing points of the combined device, to ensure that micro leaks are discovered and repaired in time, reduce operational risks, and improve the overall safety level of the device

      (Yang Lingmin and Hu Haiguang)

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