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    PVC futures opened high and fluctuated, and the increase was narrower than the previous day

    • Last Update: 2022-12-19
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    The main contract of PVC futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange opened 6660 yuan / ton at 2101, closing at 6640 yuan / ton, the previous day's settlement price was 6620 yuan / ton, up 0.
    3%, the trading range was 6595-6675 yuan / ton, the transaction was 131210, and the position was 183145


    On Wednesday, the PVC market was steadily raised, and the heavy rain in Sichuan affected the start of PVC enterprises in Sichuan, but the affected device production capacity was not large, and the impact on the overall supply was relatively controllable, which was positive for the market in the short term, but the current fundamentals were relatively stable and the transaction performance was average
    On Wednesday, the domestic mainstream price, the downstream calcium carbide method is 6520-6640 yuan / ton, and the ethylene method price is 6800-6870 yuan / ton

    The spot quotation in Changzhou market remained stable, and the spot quotation of calcium carbide five-type material was 6570-6650 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation of PVC market in Hangzhou market is stable, and the mainstream quotation is 6550-6650 yuan / ton; On Wednesday, the Guangzhou PVC market was sideways, and the mainstream quotation range of calcium carbide type 5 was 6630-6750 yuan / ton, and the transaction this week was acceptable; The price of Hebei market is stable, and the current delivery price of 5 type materials in Hebei is 6470-6520 yuan / ton, and the price of Inner Mongolia source factory including tax is 6250-6300 yuan / ton; The trend of Linyi PVC market is stable, and the quotation of traders is stable, and the delivery price is about 6500-6550 yuan / ton, and the transaction is general

    To sum up, the futures market on Wednesday opened high and volatile, the increase was narrower than the previous day, the market low-priced supply has decreased, manufacturers are actively shipping, but in the context of the demand off-season, PVC continues to rise is constrained, and the PVC market range is expected to adjust

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