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    PVC morning review on May 31

    • Last Update: 2022-12-02
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    On Monday, the PVC1609 contract closed in volatility, testing support around 5000 below, pressure around 5200 above, and maintaining short-term volatility in the 5000-5200 range, recommended range trading


    Raw material prices: 1, Japan naphtha CF Japan reported 417 yuan / ton, down 12.
    62; naphtha FOB Singapore reported 44.
    49 US dollars / barrel, down 1.
    Ethylene CFR Northeast Asia was at $1100/ton, down 10, and CFR Southeast Asia was at $1065/ton, down 25

    Spot market: The price of some domestic PVC spot market is basically flat
    North China calcium carbide law reported 5220 yuan / ton, flat; ethylene law reported 5510 yuan / ton, flat; East China calcium carbide law reported 5270 yuan / ton, flat, ethylene law reported 5650 yuan / ton, flat
    South China calcium carbide method reported 5250, flat, ethylene method 5780 tons, flat
    The price of raw materials was basically flat, East China reported 2700 yuan, flat, and Northwest reported 2240 yuan, flat

    News side: 1, Fangda Jinhua PVC enterprise 40,000 tons / year equipment is planned to start tomorrow (May 30) routine maintenance, it is expected that about three days, calcium carbide method 5 type material temporarily implement 5200-5250 yuan / ton cash exchange, type 3 slightly higher 100 yuan, the actual transaction can be negotiated

    Fundamentally, the spot market is under-turned, but the spot market price is stable, and some devices have plans to resume production in the short term, driven by profits, and the downstream demand slows down in June, if the production is successfully put into operation, the supply will increase or there will be a certain suppression
    of the market.

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