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    Qin Yufeng, President of dong'a-jiao: Traditional Chinese medicine will meet the golden development period

    • Last Update: 2017-11-27
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    [interview with people on] on November 24, the "2017 sixth summit of China's listed companies" hosted by the daily economic news was held in Chengdu

    At the meeting, the reporter of "daily economic news" (hereinafter referred to as NBD) interviewed Qin Yufeng, Secretary of the Party committee and President of dong'a-jiao

    In Qin Yufeng's view, traditional Chinese medicine will surely usher in the golden development of two or three decades, and the market space of the whole industry of traditional Chinese medicine, including dong'a gum, is just starting

    "Our foundation in the past few years, especially the foundation of scientific research, clinical practice, and some standardized foundations, just adapt to this era." Qin Yufeng said

    NBD: how do you see the future development trend of the whole TCM industry? Qin Yufeng: I think the development prospect of traditional Chinese medicine in the future is very broad

    Traditional Chinese medicine has its unique advantages, especially in health preservation and health care

    Chinese medicine is bound to usher in its golden development for 20 or 30 years

    NBD: at present, what is the development stage of Ejiao? Qin Yufeng: Ejiao has a long history and a solid traditional cognitive foundation

    On the basis of cognition, we focus on technological innovation to realize its rapid docking with modern people

    It turns out that Ejiao is considered traditional by the outside world

    In fact, Ejiao is both traditional and fashionable

    What makes it fashionable? Make it more fashionable with technology and innovation

    I think the future space of dong'ejiao should be driven by innovation, using modern technology to explain the broad and profound traditional medicine, and using the international benchmarking language to explain traditional Chinese medicine

    NBD: what do you think of the opportunities and market space of Ejiao? Qin Yufeng: I don't think that there is only room for Ejiao in the future

    The market space of the whole industry of traditional Chinese medicine, including dong'ejiao, is just starting

    NBD: what's your plan for the overseas market of dong'a-jiao? Qin Yufeng: our idea is to take Southeast Asia as the foundation, Japan and South Korea as the platform, and then to cover and spread

    We had such a clear goal ten years ago

    Because Japan and South Korea recognize traditional Chinese medicine, and their technological level has some advantages in standard and quality

    After we integrate these advantages and pass the market test in Southeast Asia, we will have the conditions and foundation to go international

    Former title: President of dong'a-jiao: Chinese medicine will usher in the golden development period of 20-30 years
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