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    [quick news] brain aging on December 3, 2019 or this gene is doing something wrong

    • Last Update: 2019-12-03
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    With the coming of aging society, brain aging has become an increasingly concerned topic Using 547 transcriptome data from 44 brain regions of 4 young macaques and 3 old macaques, the researchers of Kunming Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, studied the potential molecular genetic mechanism of brain aging in non-human primates and found new marker genes that may lead to brain aging The research results are published in the latest international journal Genome Biology It is reported that this is a research work based on the construction of "national major scientific and technological infrastructure (primates)" for phenotypic and genetic research of model animals This facility will systematically study the phenotype and genotype of primates, quickly and accurately analyze the phenotype and inherent genetic relationship in the change of life phenomena, which is of great significance to the research of life science and medical health Http:// Div = - 1 China has developed an "intelligent photothermal material" to enhance the anti-cancer effect Liang Gaolin, Professor of University of science and technology of China, recently developed a new material Compared with the commonly used photothermal materials, its photothermal conversion efficiency has more than doubled, which has achieved an important breakthrough in the field of photothermal anti-cancer technology Advanced functional materials, a top academic journal in the field of international materials, recently published this achievement Http:// pestle finger self inspection may indicate the risk of lung cancer Recently, the website of Newsweek reported that a simple finger test can reveal signs of lung cancer and other diseases A simple finger test that can be operated by itself can reveal potential diseases, including lung cancer, the report said This so-called "scamrot window test" helps identify a rare deformity of fingers and nails called "clubbing fingers" - a condition that can occur in people with some heart or lung disease Http:// our scientists have successfully synthesized liquid metal hydrogen The team of the center for quantum matter in extreme environment, Institute of solid physics, Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully obtained the metal states of hydrogen and deuterium under extreme high temperature and pressure Relevant research results have been published in advanced science, an important international academic journal This is another important breakthrough made by the research team of the quantum center of the Institute of solid physics in the study of high pressure of light elements after the successful synthesis of liquid metal nitrogen Http:// / 02 / content_ HTM? Div = - 1 western media: scientists have found the root cause of alcoholism According to Western media, for decades, people have been looking for the cause of some people's alcoholism Now researchers have found that this problem may be related to a neural circuit, which will find a new way to treat alcoholism According to a recent report on the website of Spanish newspaper Le Monde, the research has just been published in the journal Science The main author, Cody Ciciliano, said that although the discovery was made in mice and the same result needs to be found in humans before promotion, the discovery is still very exciting
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