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    Home > [quick news] on Thursday, March 29, 2018, US universities' handling of academic misconduct led to stricter supervision

    [quick news] on Thursday, March 29, 2018, US universities' handling of academic misconduct led to stricter supervision

    • Last Update: 2018-03-29
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    The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) have imposed unusual new requirements on federal funded Duke University researchers in recent days as they face tougher regulation over the handling of academic misconduct in US universities The change is a response to concerns about how the University deals with the latest incidents involving research misconduct and funding management In a statement, NIH's office of external research said it would not discuss details related to its concerns about Duke University NIH also said it had imposed similar requirements on other agencies in the past Science's "black box" to decipher HIV has caused a stir in two studies recently reported at the largest annual AIDS conference in the United States An AIDS vaccine designed by Louis Picker of the vaccine and gene therapy institute at the University of health and Science in Oregon and colleagues has had some success in monkey models Michael gale Jr., an immunologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, described how his team explored these issues by looking at the active genes of protected and unprotected animals at a macro level Science's first crab to use wearable devices: with a mission to protect the marine ecosystem, a crab recently became the subject of a lightweight sensor tag test The "skin tag" uses a low-cost, pressure-bearing, lightweight material with button batteries to help mark and track marine life, which can stick to animal shells or skin without causing too much interference to the animal's body or behavior The data collected through the device will be used for analysis to strengthen and protect marine ecology, the team said, and it plans to use the device to help tag up to 200 marine species by summer 2019 China's first shale gas field with a capacity of 10 billion m3 on March 26, Sinopec announced that Fuling shale gas field, China's first large shale gas field, has completed an annual capacity of 10 billion m3 on schedule, equivalent to a 10 million ton oil field This indicates that China's shale gas has stepped into the stage of large-scale commercial development, which is of great significance to promote the adjustment of energy structure, relieve the supply pressure of natural gas market in central and eastern China, and accelerate the energy conservation and emission reduction and air pollution prevention Science net Zhengxin photoelectric graphene series product press conference was held in Beijing on March 26, and Zhengxin photoelectric graphene series product press conference with the theme of "G12 transformation era" was held in Beijing The innovative technology of G12 revolution era - graphene 12 grid conventional, graphene 12 grid double glass module, graphene 5 grid conventional and double glass module and other new products have come out The core competitiveness of products applying new technology lies in higher light transmittance, super hydrophilicity and unique self-cleaning ability Science net
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