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    Quinoa (Zygophyllaceae)

    • Last Update: 2021-03-14
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    1 new section of the Geminal Leaf Plant

    Gang. Herbs or shrubs. Leaves are born, mutually or clustered, single-leaf or feathery re-leaf; Flowers, radiation symmetry or symmetry on both sides; slivers
    , petals of the same number, off-life or slightly combined, cladding arrangement; males and petals of the same number, or
    times, the base or the middle of the flower silk often have small scales, flower medicine butt-shaped

    room.fruit or berry-shaped nucleo; Seeds often hang and endosperms are scarce.28


    are nearly
    , about half of which belong to a single genus. Tropical, subtropical and tempere in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Australia. Probably after the Meso-20s, it originated in Gowanagulu. There are
    species in China, mainly distributed in the desert and semi-desert sandy areas and gravel hillsides of the northwest provinces.camel ponjako isonly camel poncho genus. Perennia herbs, leaves split into strips, flowers are born at the top of the branch.
    , there are
    species in China, born in arid sand or pre-mountain plains. Contains
    , for medicinal use. When young animals do not eat, in overgrazing grasslands, often become an advantage species. Healing wood, located in the
    area along the tropical coast of the Americas, is brown-green, solid with a bitter-smelling resin
    , which is medically used as a laxative.King Yako
    genus: (1) overlord genus, shrubs or herbs, compound leaves, flowers
    born in the leaf,fruit.
    100 species, there are
    20 species
    species born in sand or gravel hillsides. (2) Tribulus genus, herbs, feathery compound leaves, flowers single leaf, petal fruit.
    species, there are
    species in China,
    kinds of widespread national sand,
    species are produced in Lingshui, Hainan Island and Yuanjiang, Yunnan. Fruit contains pyrethrin quinoa, purple cloud inline and shannatin,
    , etc. , into the drug flat liver dispersion, blood to de-depress.white hedgehogonly white hedgehog genus, shrubs, leaves cluster, the top of the umbrella flower sequence to produce scorpion tail-shaped, nuclear fruit.
    , there are 4 species
    China. Grows in light salinized sand or pre-mountain plains. Some species have a sand-fixing effect. Some kinds of fruit are available.Sychymu Yako is only a four-in-one genus, distributed in Haib Bay, Inner Mongolia, Ouda area of the Yellow River, low mountain slopes, for a single genus. Shrubs, flowersleaf
    flaps cracked, also known as four wings; There are also those who have been included in the Golden Tiger Tail Section.
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