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    Rabbit hair production is hard to get out of the trough

    • Last Update: 2001-02-22
    • Source: Internet
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    OA show ('918 '); [rabbit hair production is hard to get out of the trough has become a foregone conclusion] according to the market survey, the price of rabbit hair in China has dropped all the way in the past three years, and now it has fallen to the lowest level over the years

    According to the feedback from more than ten major rabbit hair markets in China, such as Dongtai, Jiangsu, Xinchang, Zhejiang, etc., the price of rabbit hair has dropped from 120 yuan / kg in 1998 to 60-80 yuan / kg at present

    The price of rabbit hair has fallen sharply and lasted for a long time, which is rarely seen in the past years

    The main reasons why the price of rabbit hair keeps falling are: 1

    Too much production

    The cost of raising rabbits is low and the comprehensive benefit is high, which leads to the sharp increase of the number of rabbit cages and the bursting of rabbit hair in the domestic markets

    Second, the demand is reduced

    Due to the limited production and ingot pressing of wool spinning enterprises, the output of wool spinning enterprises using rabbit hair as raw materials has been greatly reduced, and the amount of rabbit hair has been reduced by more than 30%

    At the same time, the market of rabbit hair products has been oversupplied, and more than 5 million pieces have been overstocked, resulting in the overstock of rabbit hair industry from raw materials to finished products


    The export has declined

    Due to the impact of the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, the export volume of rabbit hair and its products in China has declined by about 45%, and the price has also declined by 43.35%

    Although the export has increased in recent years, the growth rate is not large, so it is difficult to promote the sales of rabbit hair

    Industry insiders predict that rabbit hair production is difficult to get out of the trough, which has become a foregone conclusion

    We must be careful in expanding cultivation

    Rabbit farmers should take the market as the guide, look at the market situation, sign contracts with relevant departments and purchasing units, follow the path of integration of production, marketing, trade, industry and agriculture, and do not blindly develop to avoid economic losses

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