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    Rapid detection of glioma IDH mutations during surgery

    • Last Update: 2020-06-01
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    Gliomas account for about 81% of all malignant brain tumors, with a poor prognosis for high-level gliomasGlioblastoma (GBM) is the most invasive glioma, with a five-year survival rate of only 5.5%There will be 12,760 new gliomacases in the United States in 2018In most WHO II and III gliomas, there is an IDH 1/2 mutation; Clinical studies show that active and effective radiation chemotherapy can make idh mutant glioma patients get better efficacyIt has been reported that IDH1 mutant malignant astrocyma can also improve prognosis in the maximum range of surgical resectionTherefore, it is necessary to quickly determine the IDH mutation during surgeryIDH1 and IDH2 catalyzed isocitric acid into alpha-ketone diacid, an enzyme mutant that catalyses alpha-ketone diacids are 2-HG and 2-HG accumulations can be as high as 35?mol/gIn gliomas, 2-HG levels specifically reflect the idh mutationMRS is a non-invasive test, and conventional MRS is used to detect 2-HG in body gliomas, which are difficult to detect 2-HG due to the overlap of glutamate and glutamine crestsmass spectrotry (MS) is a highly sensitive technique for qualitative or quantitative detection of complex samplesDesitoator Spray Ionization Technology (DESI) and Real-Time Direct Analysis (DART) MS can analyze complex samples without any pretreatmentDESI-MS has been used to map the metabolism of tumor specimensThe lipid content of glioma, white matter and gray matter is distinguished by mass spectrometry, and tissue analysis can also be achieved through mass spectrometry in glioma synodsrecently, Fan Pu of the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University in Slaift, USA, has developed a mini mass spectrometry analyzer (Mini MS) system for drug testing, illicit drug testing, and preclinical pharmacokinetic analysisThe micro MS meter is a stand-alone system that eliminates the need for external pumps or gas tanks and can be easily installed in applications such as operating theatresThe findings were published online in Anal Bioanal Chem in February 2019the method of study
    the researchers used a Mini MS instrument to electrospray the tumor and brain tissue obtained in the technique to determine 2-HG (Figure 1) The instrument covers a small footprint and is suitable for operating theatres The diagnosis of idh mutations is accurate and reliable, with an average detection time of only 5 minutes Figure 1 Brain tissue samples were tested using electrospray ionization techniques results results show that the application of micro mass spectrometry analyzers can instantly evaluate the idh mutation status of glioma in the field of neurosurgery and guide clinical treatment in real time.
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