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    Read the arrow on the blood lipid test results.

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Blood lipids are the general terms of neutral fats and lipids in the plasmaIt is widely present in the human body and is essential to the basic metabolism of life cellsThe blood lipid test in the physical examination consists of four main components: total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDLIf the first three are above normal and the latter is below normal, it is called a blood lipid abnormalityhigh HDL levels is a bad thing
    total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL, what do the four main blood lipid indicators represent?total cholesteroltotal cholesterol is the sum of the cholesterol contained in the various lipoproteins in the bloodCholesterol's main role in the body is synthetic cell plasma membranes, steroid hormones and bile acidsIts levels increase with age, and it is usually lower for young and middle-aged women than men, and long-term high fatty acid diets can also raise cholesterol levelsBecause higher than normal cholesterol levels are risk factors for atherosclerosis, clinical attention is paid to this indicatorLOW-DENSITy lipoproteinwhich is the most cholesterol-containing lipoprotein in the blood, accounting for about 50%, so called cholesterol-rich lipoproteinFactors that can affect cholesterol levels can also affect LDL levelsDoctors believe that LDL is one of the most dangerous cholesterols in the blood lipids and is a "bad cholesterol"Because it is a means of transporting fat from the blood to the endothelial of the blood vessels, the higher the body content, the more fat is transported to the endothelial blood vessels, and the blood vessels become thicker and less elastic, which is the most dangerous factor for atherosclerosis and plaque formationOn the test list, the LDL indicator is followed by a downward arrow, indicating that it is low in the body, which is actually a good thing HDL HDL is mainly synthesized by the liver and is the smallest lipoprotein in the particles, with lipids and proteins accounting for about half each It is often referred to as "good cholesterol" because its effect is the opposite of LDL, which transports fat from the blood back to the liver for storage and decomposition, thus preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease Note that smoking and obesity can reduce HDL levels, and exercise can raise HDL levels Similarly, the HDL indicator is followed by an upward arrow indicating that it is high in the body and is not a bad thing triglycerides triglycerides are the main components of various body fat tissues, if the content of the body is too high, excess triglycerides will be stored in organs and under the skin, resulting in obesity In particular, it will store deposits in blood vessels, resulting in atherosclerosis, which causes osteopathy, cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular diseases, but also causes acute inflammation of organ tissuesuch as the pancreas, which is life-threatening Therefore, if triglyceride indicators are marked with an upward arrow, be vigilant and intervene under the guidance of a physician if necessary The level of triglycerides is affected by both genetic and environmental factors , lipoin (Apo) A, B and Lp (a) are sometimes tested during physical examinations Lipoprotein A is mainly present in HDL and can reflect HDL levels Lipoprotein B is mainly found in LDL and lactation particles (the largest lipoprotein particles in human plasma) and mainly reflects LDL levels Lp (a) is mainly related to genetics, and the risk of coronary heart disease is also significantly increased in people with elevated levels control of blood lipids should reduce the risk of low density lipoprotein helilipid abnormality can not be underestimated, can accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis and plaques, and even cause the narrowness of the tube cavity lead to insufficient blood supply If vascular stenosis can cause changes in blood flow, vascular stenosis more than 70% will cause organ ischemia, leading to heart infarction, cerebral infarction and other ischemic diseases know that the damage to blood vessels from high blood lipids is a long-term process that can last more than ten years or decades, during which time there may be no symptoms If you do not intervene in time when blood lipid abnormalities are detected, this process is accelerated Especially when hyperlipidemia and hypertension, diabetes and so on exist at the same time, this process will be more rapid, and mostofly irreversible, must not be taken lightly In order to detect blood lipid abnormalities in a timely manner, the 2016 Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Abnormal Blood Lipids in Adults in China recommendthat that adults aged 20 to 40 measure blood lipids at least once every 5 years; the current clinical treatment principles for high blood lipids are: first adopt lifestyle intervention treatment for 3-6 months, including diet control, enhanced exercise, regular life, etc , if still can not be reduced to normal should be timely use of statins, folding tablets, PCSK9 inhibitors and other drugs for treatment Guidelines in China and Europe and the United States recommend lowering LDL levels as the primary target for intervention in hyperlipidemia, while determining treatment target values based on individual risk stratification Among them, low-density lipoprotein should be 2.6mmol/L in patients with low and medium risk (e.g hypertension), and LDL should be 1.8mmol/L in high-risk patients (e.g patients with cardiovascular disease) (Author: Dr Li Wei Hurong, Deputy Director and Chief Physician, Center for Health Management, Beijing Anzhen Hospital)
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