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    Home > Reading Kafka's metamorphosis, I feel very heavy

    Reading Kafka's metamorphosis, I feel very heavy

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    If the highest level of the novel is "only display, no explanation", Kafka's "metamorphometer" can be regarded as a model

    This work does do this: it only describes the event, but does not show the point of view, leaving the right and wrong to the reader's own judgment

    The moral of this story is very heavy

    It analyzes the ugly side of human nature, and it's disgusting to think about the plot

    It happened in Prague, the Czech capital

    Grigor woke up one morning and found that he had become a large beetle with many thin legs, about the size of a wolf dog

    Gregor is a traveling salesman

    After the failure of his father's business and his huge debt, he has been working hard on his own to earn money to support the family of four

    In addition to his parents, Gregor has a 17-year-old sister who goes to school

    Gregor has a good relationship with his sister and has been considering making more money to send her to study music

    But the good wish could not be realized because he became a beetle

    The family could not face the fact that Gregor became a beetle

    His mother dared not look at him, but fainted at his appearance; his father was disgusted and even injured his son, who had become a beetle

    The younger sister also hates the older brother's present appearance, but based on the original feelings, takes the initiative to take up the work of raising him

    At first, she cared about the feelings of brother beetle, but after a long time, she finally felt resentment, and finally became callous, suggesting that her father kill him

    When Gregor first found out that his body had become a beetle, he was still a human mind and could even speak human words

    His consciousness gradually blurred and gradually became the thinking mode of insects

    Not only was his language vague like the chirp of insects, but also his vision and taste were completely changed

    From the perspective of Gregor, the author describes the changes in the family's treatment of him, from shock, maladjustment, shame, to hatred and abuse

    After five years of hard work, Gregor was finally forgotten for his ugly image

    At last, he died in the house from pain and hunger

    Father, mother and sister of a family of three after his death excited abnormal, as if to see the day again

    They asked for leave from their respective work units and took a tram trip to the countryside together

    Deformer is a fantasy story, but it obviously has multiple moral meanings

    Unlike many writers, Kafka did not discuss the right and wrong of the characters in the novel

    It's all up to the reader to think about.
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