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    Reaming of silica gel

    • Last Update: 2022-01-04
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    Reaming of silica gel

    The preparation methods of special silica gel suitable for different purposes are also different
    When preparing ultra-coarse pore silica gel, generally fine pore silica gel is used as the raw material, and the pores are enlarged by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude through proper pore expansion methods

    Here are two methods of reaming


    (1) Reaming with high pressure steam

    Put silica gel and distilled water in the autoclave, and then heat to the required pressure for a certain period of time.
    After washing and drying, the expanded silica gel can be obtained, see Table 4-26


    Table 4-26 The effect of high-pressure steam treatment on the pore structure of silica gel

    Salt solution can also be used to replace distilled water when expanding the hole with high-pressure steam, which can reduce the pressure and shorten the time

    (2) Roasting and expanding with salt

    A certain amount of silica gel is mixed with a certain concentration of salt solution, first dried at a low temperature, then calcined at a high temperature, washed and dried to obtain a pore-expanded silica gel
    Table 4-27 shows the parameters of certain silica gel obtained after soaking silica gel in LiCl·H
    2 O—NaCl-KNO 3 ternary double salt and calcining at different temperatures for 2 hours

    Table 4-27 The effect of salt roasting treatment on the pore structure of silica gel

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