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    Recombinant new coronavirus vaccine (CHO cells) is approved for emergency use | Transformation Highlights

    • Last Update: 2021-05-09
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    In recent years, with the strong support of all sectors of society and the joint efforts of all scientific researchers, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has continuously produced scientific and technological achievements, and continued to transfer and transform the achievements to serve the main battlefield of the national economy.

    In order to further enhance the public's understanding of the highlights of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and at the same time to promote the various units of the Academy to further strengthen the dissemination and promotion of the transfer and transformation of achievements, the activity of "Selecting the Highlights of the Transfer and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences" was launched.

    The relevant functional departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have now recommended candidate entries, and everyone is welcome to actively participate in the voting.
    The relevant votes will be used as an important reference for the officially elected entries.

    Thank you for your encouragement and support to the scientific and technological innovation work of the Chinese Academy of Sciences! The candidate entry "Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine (CHO Cell) Emergency Use Approved" is recommended today.
    Please click "Read the original text" to vote.

    Completion unit: Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.
    On March 10, 2021, the recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (CHO cell) jointly developed by the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Anhui Zhifeilongkoma Biopharmaceutical Co.
    , Ltd.
    was approved for emergency use in China , Becoming the fourth domestic new coronavirus vaccine approved for emergency use, and the first international new coronavirus recombinant subunit protein vaccine approved for clinical use.

    The vaccine has completed Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in October 2020.

    The results showed that after the whole course of vaccination of the vaccine, no serious adverse reactions occurred, which conformed to the characteristics of small adverse reactions of subunit vaccines, and the level of neutralizing antibodies produced was equivalent to the current international recombinant protein vaccines and mRNA new crown vaccines, reaching the international advanced level.

    The vaccine will start phase III clinical trials in China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Ecuador, and Indonesia starting from November 2020, with 29,000 patients planned to be vaccinated.

    The Phase III clinical trial is currently progressing smoothly, and Uzbekistan, the country where the first trial was initiated, has been approved for registration.

    The vaccine production uses engineered cells (CHO) to produce recombinant proteins, and does not require high-grade biosafety laboratory production workshops.
    The production process is stable and reliable.
    Large-scale industrial production at home and abroad can be quickly realized, significantly reducing vaccine production costs and storage.
    And convenient transportation.

    At present, Anhui Zhifeilongkoma Biopharmaceutical Co.
    , Ltd.
    has built a production line with an annual output of 300 million doses of new crown vaccine, which is equivalent to meeting 100 million people inoculation.

    Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine (CHO Cell) Support & Voting, please click to read the original source: Chinese Academy of Sciences website
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