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    Recyclable "composite material" has a future

    • Last Update: 2021-01-10
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    China Coatings Online News:
    Recyclable "composite materials" will have the future - constantly ingesting new composite materials, more and more used in household goods, transportation, aerospace, construction and other fields, so that life is more convenient, comfortable and safe. Known as the "composite materials industry weathers", the 22nd China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai recently, showing the world today's "composite materials" development of new developments. According to
    China Coatings Online

    introduced, innovative products highlights a lot: in order to encourage enterprises to innovate in science and technology, the exhibition organizing committee and experts from the Paris International Composites Exhibition (JEC) jointly evaluated the award-winning products of Chinese and foreign enterprises composite materials, and in the specially opened "innovative products exhibition area" exhibited 36 kinds of creative products. For example, the U.S. new functional polymer company launched a number of invention patents "ice-lowering resin", Cosmodry brought the world's first polyurethane fan blades, medium material display "the longest offshore super-large carbon fiber fan blades" and so on. Innovative processes are just as impressive.
    For example, the composite precision processing process demonstrated by CMS of Italy can improve power generation efficiency and extend service life by finely processing the roots of wind blades, and krausmafi Group has introduced fiber composite solutions for automotive advanced lightweight components. Automotive lightweighting is a research and development priority: in the exhibition area, a yellow-and-black Roadster sports car stands out. The car was developed by The New-Redding Automotive Lightweight Design Center, and the overall body includes a chassis made entirely of carbon fiber composites, weighing only 920 kg, 75 kg of weight loss, engine power greater than 300 horsepower, 100 km acceleration of 3.9 seconds, a maximum speed of 280 km/h. "In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of clean energy vehicles, lightweight automotive materials is one of the main goals of technology research and development in the global automotive industry," said a Japanese expert at Yuegu Technology, introducing composite lightweight technology. "Composite materials will move towards green environmental protection," the future of composite waste disposal will pose a great danger to the environment.
    fiber composites are almost non-recyclable, especially thermosteroids are non-degradable. At present, the European Union's scrap car bill requires the recovery rate of vehicle waste materials to reach 95%, re-utilization rate of 85%. This means that one of the primary indicators for composites in the future will be "recyclable and re-useable". Yu Wenji, chief expert of the Timber Industry Research Institute of the China Academy of Forestry Sciences, said that the high-performance bamboo fiber composite material "bamboo steel", which has been granted a number of international patents, can greatly reduce its carbon footprint compared with steel and cement. The 42.5-meter-long, 1.5MW wind turbine bamboo blades currently under construction at Shanxi Shenchi Wind Farm have increased power generation by 8%, reduced weight by 5% and reduced costs by 12.5% compared to glass and steel blades. "Most of today's domestic exhibitors are displaying non-degradable composites, while many foreign exhibitors are promoting natural fiber composites." Liu Jia, secretary-general of the Wood Plastic Composites Committee of the China Recycling Economy Association, pointed out. Clearly, green, eco-friendly and recyclable composites will be the trend of the future.
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