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    Reducing the leakage rate of the water supply network, the intelligent ultrasonic water meter has become the "new darling" of the market

    • Last Update: 2022-05-25
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      On March 15, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the "Notice on Organizing and Carrying out the Pilot Construction of Leakage Control of Public Water Supply Pipeline Networks".
    Targets, key projects, management and control mechanisms, etc.
    , and select urban (county) built-up areas with better demonstration and promotion significance to carry out pilot projects

    There are no more than 50 pilot cities (county towns)



      According to the "Notice", carry out the implementation of the water supply pipe network partition metering project
    According to the "Guidelines for Metrology and Management of Urban Water Supply Pipe Networks", select the implementation route of the district metering of the water supply pipe network as needed, and carry out project construction

    Implement the "one household, one table" transformation

    Improve water metering systems for municipal, greening, firefighting, and sanitation

    In addition, the implementation of the intelligent construction project of the water supply pipe network

    Promote the water supply enterprises to implement intelligent transformation on the basis of completing the informatization of the water supply network, and establish an intelligent management platform for water supply based on the Internet of Things



      The "Notice" proposes that the leakage rate of the public water supply pipeline network is higher than 12% (2020) in the built-up areas of pilot cities (counties), and the leakage rate in 2025 will not be higher than 8%; other pilot cities (county) built-up areas, 2025 The annual leakage rate is not higher than 7%


      For a long time, the leakage of China's urban water supply pipeline network has been very serious.
    According to the relevant public information of the Second Water Supply Summit Forum, the current average leakage rate of pipeline network in 654 cities across the country exceeds 15%, and the highest is more than 70%.
    There is a big gap between 6%-8% leakage rate

    The high leakage rate of the water supply pipe network not only seriously wastes the national water resources and increases the energy consumption of water supply, but also makes the production and sales gap of the water supply company remain high, which increases its operating costs and damages its economic benefits



      Therefore, it is very important to reduce the leakage rate of the water supply pipe network and to monitor the leakage of the pipe network in time
    The water meter is an important tool for water metering and water-saving management in modern society.
    Compared with the traditional intelligent mechanical water meter, the intelligent ultrasonic water meter has outstanding advantages in measurement accuracy, measurement range and intelligence, and can solve the various problems that occur during the use of many traditional water meters.
    This kind of problem has gradually become the "new darling" of the market



    In recent years, with the promotion of the application of ultrasonic fluid measurement technology, the cost performance of products such as ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic flowmeters  based on ultrasonic flow sensing technology has been continuously improved, and related products are gradually entering the water supply (heating) measurement and industrial process control and measurement.
    In all aspects, commercial applications are becoming more and more mature


      The intelligent ultrasonic water meter can realize the functions of real-time flow reading, pipe network leakage monitoring, pressure online monitoring, data mining and analysis, etc.
    It caters to customers' requirements for the development of smart water informatization, and has multiple parameters of water flow, water quality, water pressure and other information.
    Smart water meter is the first and key step to realize smart water affairs



      During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, as the focus of water supply enterprises has shifted to the refined and digital management of the water supply pipe network, smart water meters are the most important source of pipe network data (water flow, water pressure, water quality, leakage, working conditions, etc.
    As an important collector, the logic of smart water meters replacing traditional mechanical meters is becoming clearer

    In addition, compared with urban water supply, rural drinking water construction has a greater incremental demand for smart water meters.
    The national water conservation action plan and smart city construction also drive smart water meters to accelerate penetration



      As an emerging product in recent years, ultrasonic water meters have a high threshold in terms of production technology, which makes the number of companies in the market very small
    Small-diameter water meters are mainly used in the measurement of each end user, with large demand but extremely low permeability

    Although the current market share of ultrasonic water meters is still relatively low, the market acceptance is gradually increasing

    Market promotion and product technology are both a gradual process of development and cannot be achieved overnight.
    It is estimated that the market demand will be about 5 million or more in 2024, and the market penetration rate will be about 8%



      According to industry analysts, it is expected that the penetration rate of ultrasonic water meters in smart water meters is expected to increase from 3.
    1% in 2019 to about 8.
    8% in 2024, and the growth space is very broad



      (Original title: Reducing the leakage rate of the water supply network, the intelligent ultrasonic water meter has become the "new darling" of the market)
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