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    Relying on the MEMS manufacturing platform to form a complete industrial chain of smart sensors in the region

    • Last Update: 2021-11-07
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    [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] In recent years, the country has attached great importance to the development of China's sensor manufacturing industry, and issued the "Three-year Action Guide for the Smart Sensor Industry (2017-2019)" and "The Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" , The "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, which clarifies the goals and tasks of development.

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    Recently, the editor learned that the Bengbu Municipal Party Committee and Government issued the "Guiding Opinions on Building "Three Regions, One District" and Two Centers to Achieve "Five More"", proposing to redouble its efforts in the strong industrial city and forge new developments by leaps and bounds.
    Engines, and clearly require that relying on the 214 Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center of the Weaponry, consolidate efforts to create the "China (Bengbu) Sensing Valley".


    It is reported that Bengbu, as a transportation hub city, the Huaihe River Basin and a central city in northern Anhui, has obvious geographical advantages.
    Backed by the implementation of the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, its position in the national development pattern has been greatly improved, and it has brought a major opportunity to promote high-quality development, which has given Bengbu more major responsibilities for fulfilling its national mission.


    Bengbu has a foundation for the development of the smart sensor industry.
    As an old industrial base in Anhui Province, Bengbu has a complete range of manufacturing industries.
    In particular, the sensor industry is one of the three major sensor bases in the country.
    It has a group of sensor companies, a group of entrepreneurs who are brave enough to act, and a certain scale of sensor market.


    The rapid development of the integrated circuit industry in Anhui Province has clearly positioned Bengbu City to continuously strengthen the introduction of the MEMS smart sensor industry, demonstrate the driving effect, build a relatively complete industrial chain based on the MEMS manufacturing production line platform, and create an industry cluster with obvious scale effects Area.


    About smart sensors
    About smart sensors
    Intelligent sensor (intelligent sensor) is a sensor with information processing function.
    The smart sensor has a microprocessor, which has the ability to collect, process, and exchange information.
    It is the product of the integration of the sensor and the microprocessor.
    Compared with general sensors, smart sensors have the following three advantages: high-precision information collection can be achieved through software technology, and low cost; it has certain programming automation capabilities; and its functions are diversified.


    A good "smart sensor" is a set of sensors and meters driven by a microprocessor, and has functions such as communication and on-board diagnostics.


    Smart sensors can store various physical quantities detected and process these data in accordance with instructions to create new data.
    Intelligent sensors can exchange information, decide which data should be transmitted, discard abnormal data, and complete analysis and statistical calculations.


    Original title: Relying on MEMS manufacturing platform, this region forms a complete industrial chain of smart sensors
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