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    Relying on the "sugar cane road" Paraguayan wine to create the world's famous wine

    • Last Update: 2021-01-17
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    Paraguay's sugarcane producers have made Paraguayan cane wine (caña paraguaya) as world-renowned as the Caribbean rum (Ron) and The Brazilian sugarcane casaza through the Ruta de la Caña tourist route.
    Panama Star newspaper reported on May 20th that the "SugarCane Road" is a special tourist route launched by Paraguay's Ministry of Tourism (Senatur), through which visitors can learn about the history and production of sugar cane wine in Paraguay on a sugarcane plantation.
    representative of Fortin S.A., a well-known sugarcane producer in Paraguay, said the Takuare'e sugarcane plantation in Cordillera province is the home of Paraguay's sugar cane wine, where high sea levels and high humidity geographical conditions provide an effective guarantee of the quality of sugar cane wine.
    Gonzalez points out that Paraguayan sugar cane wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of "raw honey" extracted from sugar cane, while Caribbean rum is made from sugarcane molasses, a by-product of the sugar industry, which is more natural.
    addition, The Brazilian sugar cane casasa is an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane as the basic raw material, and the three have different production processes.
    cane garden museum, visitors can learn more about and experience the differences between the three alcoholic beverages in the brewing process.
    Gonzalez Says "raw honey" extracted from sugar cane doesn't go through multiple fermentation processes and can be stored in wooden or metal barrels depending on the desired effect.
    before fermentation, the raw material can be modulation according to the desired degree of alcohol and taste.
    In addition, depending on the destination market, sugar cane wine stored in the domestic market needs to be in an old wood-scented wine barrel, brewing time of about 9 to 12 months, can be loaded with 30,000 to 35,000 liters of sugar cane wine per barrel.
    cane wine exported to markets such as Europe is stored in oak barrels.
    Gonzalez said that although Paraguayan sugar cane wine is of high quality, it is often sold overseas as "premium rum" due to a lack of awareness of Paraguayan sugarcane wine in the international market.
    , Paraguayan sugarcane producers are currently negotiating with the Paraguayan State Intellectual Property Office (Dinapi) to obtain the name of origin of Paraguayan sugar cane wine so that it can truly take to the world stage.
    through the Sugarcane Route, visitors can also trace the history and memories of the city of Piribebuy, which successfully resisted the Allied invasion in the 3-Nation War (1864-1870) and is also known as the "hero city".
    addition, in addition to preserving a wide variety of war objects and photographs, the story of the local historian Miguel ángel Romero has attracted great interest from visitors.
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