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    Renewing efforts for sustainable development in China

    • Last Update: 2021-06-21
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      Recently, BASF released the "Greater China 2020 Annual Report"
    This is the 13th consecutive year that BASF has released a comprehensive report in Greater China, presenting BASF's actions and performance in the three dimensions of sustainable development-economy, environment, and society


    Stephan Kothrade, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China, said: “In 2020, BASF has demonstrated extraordinary performance by protecting the health and safety of employees, ensuring normal business operations, and ensuring reliable product supply for customers.
    Resilience and resilience

    BASF’s sales in Greater China are approximately 8.
    5 billion euros (7.
    4 billion euros in 2019).
    We have overcome the challenges posed by the epidemic and achieved growth


      Continue to increase investment

      Currently, Greater China is BASF's second largest market in the world, second only to the United States
    In the past few years, the company has continuously expanded its investment in local production and R&D capabilities to better serve customers in the fast-growing Chinese market

    For example, the construction of the first batch of BASF's integrated base in Zhanjiang, Guangdong has begun.
    After completion in 2030, this base with an investment of up to 10 billion U.
    dollars will become BASF's third largest integrated base in the world; in addition, BASF and Sinopec each hold a half-share joint venture.
    BASF's Nanjing integrated base has doubled the production capacity of neopentyl glycol, which further meets China's growing demand for environmentally friendly powder coatings


      In 2020, BASF established a biodegradable laboratory in Shanghai Innovation Park, the largest R&D hub in the Asia-Pacific region, to respond to the increasing demand for biodegradability, and expanded the product portfolio of the global interdisciplinary R&D department
    At the same time, BASF continues to strengthen cooperation with the academic community: In 2020, BASF established the Asian Open Research Network (NAO) Academic Advisory Committee and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


      Increase production capacity while taking into account emission reduction

      As a result of comprehensive energy efficiency measures implemented at the production base, BASF has taken another step towards achieving the goal of reducing energy consumption per ton of product
    In 2020, while achieving increased production capacity, BASF Greater China's total greenhouse gas emissions from chemical production and operations will decrease for the fourth consecutive year to 1.
    101 million tons (1.
    109 million tons in 2019)


      In addition, BASF also closely monitors the emissions of other air pollutants, including inorganic compounds such as carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and ammonia, as well as dust and non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC)
    In 2020, BASF's emissions of air pollutants from chemical production and operations in Greater China will be 252 tons (299 tons in 2019), a 16% reduction

    This is partly due to the investment in the transformation of the NMVOC treatment process by multiple production bases


      Support human health

      The global epidemic has completely changed people's work and life>
    BASF has launched a "hands" operation to fight the new crown pneumonia virus around the world

    In Greater China, BASF donated a total of approximately RMB 2.
    1 million and donated medical supplies worth more than RMB 650,000

    In addition, in 2020, BASF will also hold a series of science education activities to let people explore the charm of chemistry

    For example, BASF organized a two-month science popularization event on the theme of "Science Leads to a Better Life" at Hengshanli Urban Space in Xujiahui, a bustling commercial center in Shanghai


      As one of the first multinational companies to release annual comprehensive local reports, BASF has released annual reports for the Greater China region since 2008, which has become a way to enhance transparent communication with various stakeholders and increase participation

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