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    Renhe Yeast Science Book: Specializing in Chinese People's Health Problems and Creating Natural Herbal Products

    • Last Update: 2022-05-16
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    In 2020, with the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, under the catalysis of the epidemic, consumers' demand for immunity-enhancing foods has grown rapidly
    "Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits" may be the most simple inertial thinking for disease prevention, but with the improvement of residents' consumption level and the enhancement of health care awareness, the overall health demand is expanding, which in turn promotes the development of the traditional Chinese medicine health industry.
    , such as herbal fermented drinks, health food, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics, etc.
    , has become the most growing part of China's life and health industry


    Renhe Yenkeshu series products contain herbal fermented liquid, which is guided by the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, adopts intangible cultural heritage processing techniques, "medicine and food homologous" herbs as raw materials, and the principle of compatibility between monarchs, ministers, ministers and envoys.
    As the core, establish a herbal fermentation biotechnology laboratory covering GMP standards in the three major fields of production, education and research

    The R&D team brings together talents in various fields such as fermentation, health preservation, and traditional Chinese medicine, combines scientific and technological research and development with traditional Chinese medicine, and performs aseptic processing and fermentation by combining traditional fermentation with modern technology


    Renhe Yenkeshu specializes in researching the health problems of Chinese people's body and skin, customizes health care plans, and finally creates healthy natural herbal products, which meets people's dual needs for beauty and health preservation, and conveys the concept of health originating from maintenance and beauty originating from exquisite health
    Won a national invention patent, creating a new healthy life>

    Renhe Yenkeshu won the "2021 Health Industry Credibility Product" for its brand credibility and social responsibility in the nutrition and health industry
    Based on the 5-step TCM conditioning principle of "cleansing, tonifying and nourishing", Renhe Yenkeshu has innovatively launched three star products, Shenmanduo, Ge Jiangqing and Yibai, each with different effects: Shenmanduo can improve immunity, nourish Yin-tonifying kidney, nourishing qi and moistening lung; Ge Jiangqing has the effect of lowering the four highs (hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperuric acid) and improving insomnia; while Yibai has the effect of lightening and whitening, once it is on the market favored by consumers


    "Yeast" is sub-healthy, and "su" keeps you young
    Renhe Yenkeshu is a fermented health brand of medicinal and food homologous herbs under Jiangxi Shenghe Biotechnology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , which belongs to the large health sector of Renhe Group

    In recent years, Renhe Group has continued to make efforts in the fields of medicine and health, health care, skin care, food, new retail, etc.
    , and established a whole industrial ecological chain of herbal fermentation, focusing on building a nutritious and healthy food ecosystem, and insisting on using herbal fermentation technology to achieve more breakthroughs.
    The innovative move continues to empower the development of the industry and escort the health of the Chinese people


    "This is an affirmation of the fermentation technology of Materia Medica, and it is also an encouragement and encouragement to Yenkeshu
    " In the future, Renhe Yenkeshu will closely follow the development opportunities of China's health strategy construction, continue to focus on R&D and production, build a solid foundation, and insist on nutrition.
    An evergreen enterprise in the field of health


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