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    Repeated use of mineral water bottles can be harmful to your health, you know?

    • Last Update: 2020-09-13
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    Original title: Repeated use of mineral water bottles can be harmful to health, you know?
    In our daily life, we find that some people around us with drinking water bottles of mineral water continue to drink water, especially some elderly people and some more frugal, environmentally conscious people, they repeatedly use mineral water bottles to make tea to drink, put in the kitchen to fill oil, vinegar, and so on, and even use large bottles of mineral water pickles. Because they think that the repeated use of empty mineral water bottles is both environmentally friendly and economical, is a double act, not repeated use will waste resources. But is this "environmentally friendly" behavior really safe and has an impact on our health?
    fact, in our daily life, the repeated use of mineral water bottles, beverage bottles will bring some harm to our health. Qualified mineral water bottles, beverage bottles are required to be made of food-grade plastic, that is, polyethylene terephthalate (polymethyl xylene glycolate), or PET plastic material for short, PET plastic has a light texture, high transparency, impact resistance, non-fragmentable and other characteristics. However, mineral water bottles made from these food-grade PET plastics should not be used repeatedly.
    First of all, PET plastic in acid, alkaline and water vapor environment can be degraded, its degradation products are harmful to human body, if long-term use of plastic bottled drinking water, oil, wine and other substances, easy to dissolve the internal harmful substances, so as to bring into the body. Secondly, PET bottle is not resistant to high temperature, its heat resistance to 70 degrees C easy to deform, need to be used at low temperature. PET contains trace amounts of catalysts, some people like to pour hot water into bottles, and high temperatures can also make the plastic harmful substances dissolved; Because enterprises in the first filling, the bottle will be strictly disinfected, cleaned, sterilized, and so on, and we personally in the repeated use of mineral water, bottled water, not convenient to clean the bottle, but also can not go through these strict hygiene procedures, long-term repeated use of mineral water bottles will become a breeding ground for bacteria, bacteria will be repeated in the bottle, people drinking water in the bottle will also be bacteria into the body, the health of the body will bring great hidden dangers.
    So, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles after the use of or put in recyclable garbage cans, do not use them as water cups repeatedly, or can also be used as storage containers with other non-edible items, so as not to bring harm to our health.
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