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    Reply The reply of the State Grain and Material Reserve Bureau on the industry standard packaging materials for tahini and peanut butter

    • Last Update: 2022-09-30
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    Hello! On August 29, 2022, you received
    a message in the "Director's Mailbox" of our bureau about "Inquiries about LS/T 3311-2017 and LS/T 3220-2017".
    The reply is as follows:
    LS/T 3220-2017 "Tahini" and LS/T?3311-2017 "Peanut Butter" "8.
    1 Packaging" packaging materials refer to products used for tahini and peanut butter packaging, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, metal caps, cartons, etc.
    , because different products need to meet different food safety standards and requirements, so it is not clearly listed which standards need to be met, which needs to be determined
    by the enterprise according to the specific conditions of the packaging materials used in its own products 。 Because tahini, peanut butter is a direct entrance to the ready-to-eat food, in order to reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation on product quality, so the provisions of the packaging material can "cover the light source", in the specific operation level, both can be in the packaging materials such as glass bottles, plastic bottles can add a certain ingredient, block or reflect ultraviolet rays, can also be in the glass bottle, plastic bottles and other transparent packaging outside the label, or the use of opaque carton and other measures in the turnover process, to achieve the effect
    of partial shading or full shading.
    Tahini peanut butter packaging material
    Thank you for your concern and support for food standardization work!
    Standard Quality Center of the State Food and Material Reserve Administration
    September 16, 2022
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