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    Research and development daily CDK4/6 inhibitors compete for early stage breast cancer: why Abesili came out on top

    • Last Update: 2021-01-21
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    2020.11.16 Research and Development NEWS: Compaq Biopharmaceuticals launched KPG-818 treatment SLE Ib/IIa phase clinical trial in the United States; Xinda Bio announces clinical results for the treatment of ophthalmology against VEGF-anti-complementary dual-target drug NAMDI; Sichuan Guo for pharmaceutical osteochemical softgel 4-type generic market application accepted; Lancet: treatment of multiple myeloma new treatment survival increased by 47% ... We focus on the latest developments in pharmaceutical research and development, to provide research and development personnel with timely and accurate information reference.
    (click on the title, read the original article) Comprey Biopharmaceuticals in the United States to launch KPG-818 treatment SLE Ib/IIa phase clinical trial November 16, Compu Biopharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("Compu Biopharmaceuticals") announced that KPG-818 treatment system lupus (SLE) IB/IIa phase multi-center, randomized, double-blind, multi-control clinical trial.
    Cynda Bio announces clinical results of ophthalmic anti-VEGF-anti-complement dual-target drug therapy nAMDI on November 16, Cynda Bio announces that its research and development of recombinant human anti-vascular endostropheric growth factor (VEGF)/ The single phase I clinical results of the supplement's fusion protein injection in patients with vascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) were presented at the 2020 Annual American Ophthalmology Conference and presented in an online wall report.
    for early breast cancer with CDK4/6 inhibitors: Why did Abesili come out on top? Recently, Pfizer announced another failure in the clinical study of early breast cancer, and the Phase III PENELOPE-B study also failed to reach the main endpoint of the immerizing disease lifetime (IDFS).
    so many, it's thought-provoking - why did the MonarchE and PALAS study come to a different end? What's so special about Abesili? RNAi therapy ALN-AGT single-drug treatment for 8 weeks continuously lower blood pressure! Alnylam, a global leader in RNAi therapeutics, has launched two RNAi drugs (Onpattro, Givlaari) and two RNAi drugs (lumasiran and Novarian co-technology inclisiran) are currently under review by regulators, with several of its pipelines in the late clinical development phase.
    (Drug Approval) Sichuan State for the pharmaceutical osteochemical triol softgel 4 type imitation listing application was accepted recently, CDE official website data show that Sichuan State for pharmaceutical osteosterol softgel 4 type imitation listing application was accepted, is currently in the review and approval.
    is a top1 variety of vitamin drugs, in 2019 in China's public medical institutions terminal sales have exceeded 2 billion yuan, the current variety has no enterprise evaluation.
    China-U.S. East-West Gretin metformin tablets (I.) category 4 imitation listing applications entered the approval stage recently, NMPA official website data show that China and the East China Sigretin metformin tablets (I.) category 4 imitation listing applications entered the "in the approval" state, is expected to usher in good news in the near future.
    Sigletin metformin, the original product of Mercadone, will have global sales of more than US$2 billion in 2019, and Dongshuangli Pharmaceuticals won the "First Imitation plus First Review" in August this year.
    The Lancet: New therapy for multiple myeloma increased survival by 47% Recently, The Lancet published data from phase 3 clinical trials of Selinexor, an selective nuclear output protein inhibitor: In patients with relapsed/refractive multiple myeloma, the SVd program increased the patient's progressive survival by 47% compared to standard therapy, with a total remission rate of up to 76.4%.
    , patients receive higher rates of deep remission.
    Science sub-paper: PD-1 antibody "new partner" - iNK cell therapy, in a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers have developed a robust and efficient production system to overcome this barrier, and demonstrated that this NK cell from induced erypotent stem cells (iPSC) can produce inflammatory cytokines that can work in synergy with T cells, PD-1 antibodies to further enhance the anti-tumor response.
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