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    Research and development of new tools for calculating T cells may quickly predict cancer patients' response to therapy

    • Last Update: 2021-09-19
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    The immune microenvironment affects the evolution of tumors.
    It can predict both the prognosis of patients and the response of patients to immunotherapy; however, the measurement of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) is often limited due to lack of appropriate data.
    DNA Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) is often used to calculate the mutation burden of tumors and identify operable mutations

    Recently, in a research report entitled "Using DNA sequencing data to quantify T cell fraction and therapy response" published in the international journal Nature, scientists from the University of London and other institutions have developed a new type of tool through research, or It can quickly estimate the number of immune T cells in cancerous tumors.

    As part of the TRACERx research project funded by Cancer Research UK, in this article, scientists analyzed DNA sequencing data from patients with cancerous tumors to observe whether the proportion of T cells in the sample was energized

    Researcher Professor Nicholas McGranahan said that DNA sequencing is often performed in the tumors of cancer patients in order to stratify the patients and understand how their body's cancer progresses

    In this research report, the researchers aim to explore whether they can develop a new method to clarify immune cells directly through DNA sequencing without requiring more data; DNA sequencing can help scientists analyze the evolutionary history of individual tumors; research The staff used this new tool to review and calculate the level of "VDJ recombination" of T cells, which is a process in T cells in which they can be reorganized or changed and given tools to make them recognize And attack the intruder

    Specifically, the researchers discovered a signal that reveals the absence of T cell receptor excision loops (TRECs), which are required for T cell maturation, which usually occurs during the VDJ recombination process; by giving With this missing score, researchers can accurately estimate the number of T cells present in the tumor; this score can also be used to predict the patient's response to immunotherapy and immune escape mechanisms

    In addition, this new scoring tool can also be applied to DNA sequencing data obtained from normal blood samples.

    The relationship between TCRA T cell fraction and prognosis

    Image source: Bentham, R.
    , et al.
    Nature (2021).
    doi: 10.

    In recent years, a kind of immunotherapy called checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs) has become a revolutionary treatment for many types of cancer.
    It can work by blocking the protein called checkpoint produced by T cells.
    These checkpoints help keep the body’s immune response from being too strong, and sometimes help maintain the ability of T cells to kill cancer cells.
    When these checkpoints are blocked, T cells can better kill cancer cells.


    A biomarker predicting the possible success of immunotherapy is the number of T cells.

    Researcher Robert Bentham said that quantifying T cell infiltration directly from DNA sequencing can predict patient response to therapy without requiring additional data; in fact, the method developed by the researcher can be used without increasing time and cost.

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    Bentham, R.

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