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    Research on anti-yellowing powder coating of HAA type air conditioner external unit

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
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    Abstract:The gradual replacement of TGIC cured powder coatings is the future trend, but due to the yellowing problem caused by structural defects in the HAA system, it can be well suppressed
    by adding a suitable amount of antioxidants.

    In this paper, through the effect of antioxidant addition in resin and HAA curing agent systems of different manufacturers on the anti-yellowing properties, the experimental results show that for different systems, the effect is close, the effect is l% is the best, and the effect is insufficient
    in small or excessive amounts.


    As a kind of coating with the advantages of solvent-free, pollution-free, recyclable and energy-saving, powder coatings have gradually occupied a certain share of the coating market, especially in the online coatingol.
    com of coatings in the home appliance industry

    At present, China is a big country in home appliances and is gradually moving towards a strong country in
    home appliances.
    At present, outdoor powder coatings in the home appliance industry are mainly based on TGIC curing type, with the wide ban on TGIC in the European and American markets, as well as the increasingly strict requirements of domestic environmental protection, TGIC alternatives are constantly in
    research and development.

    Among the many alternative products of TGIC, the largest amount of current use is haa-type curing agent
    At present, due to the structural defects of the material itself, HAA type powder coatings have certain defects
    in terms of thick coating easy pinholes, poor hydrolysis resistance, high temperature yellowing and not easy to matte.

    The purpose of this paper is to improve the experimental study of HAA type powder on the problem of anti-yellowing by adding corresponding additives

    Material selection

    Due to the chemical structure of HAA, aliphatic amines are easily oxidized, including light, heat, oxidants, etc.
    may cause HAA yellowing, which is affected by its own structure, so it is necessary to choose a suitable anti-yellowing additive

    At present, the antioxidant with better effect on the market is a chain termination antioxidant, which can interrupt the growth of the chain by reacting with free radicals, thereby reducing the occurrence
    of oxidation.

    Select a certain blocked phenol high molecular weight type antioxidant produced in China, and the hindered phenol antioxidant has the advantages of high efficiency and non-toxicity, non-coloring, non-pollution, small volatility, etc.
    , and is one
    of the most excellent antioxidant varieties recognized internationally.

    These antioxidants can be used in
    polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS resins, nylon, polyurethanes, polystyrene, rubber, adhesives, coatings and petroleum products.

    It is a very effective processing stabilizer that can well inhibit the high-temperature discoloration phenomenon produced by polymers

    The chemical structure is as follows: tetra[β-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid] pentaerythritol ester

    The main performance indicators are shown in Table 1:

    Test equipment

    SLJ-32 twin screw extruder, mixing equipment, ACM milling system, small electrostatic spraying equipment, electrothermal drying box, SP60 colorimeter

    Test process

    Since the color of the air conditioner is mainly gray, this test takes ordinary HAA type gray powder coating as the main formula, baking 15min@180 °C and 30min@230 °C, respectively, contrasting color difference, △L, △a, △b, △E, comparing the anti-yellowing effect
    of antioxidants on this powder coating.

    In order to reflect the effect of antioxidants on anti-yellowing, a set of powder coatings of the same color of ordinary TGIC curing type 93:7 was added at the same time in the experiment, and the difference
    between HAA curing type and TGIC curing type was compared.

    Formulation results are shown in Table 2

    From the test results, it can be seen that:

    Adding a certain amount of this antioxidant can indeed play a significant anti-yellowing effect;

    2, the amount of addition is different, the effect is not the same, the optimal amount is 1%, add 1% of the amount, you can reduce the yellow variable value by half;

    The addition of l% antioxidant can make the anti-yellow effect of HAA type close to
    the effect of ordinary HAA type resin.

    This shows that antioxidants effectively inhibit the oxidation process of HAA, but too much may cause the opposite effect and increase the possibility
    of yellowing.

    Due to the different manufacturers of HAA resin, there may be differences in raw materials and processes, considering the differences that may be caused by different manufacturers of resins, the test replaces two other HAA-type curing resins of different manufacturers, one is the same acid value resin (acid value: 28-32mg KOH/g) and the other is a resin with a lower acid value (acid number: 19-24mg KOH/g).

    At the same time, we selected a haa curing agent from another manufacturer and conducted the same test to verify the effect of antioxidants in different types of HAA resins and different HAA curing agents, comparing the yellowing results
    Also baked 180 ° C@15min and 230 ° C@3omin respectively, contrasting color difference, △L, △a, △b, △E, the results are as follows: Table 3, Table 4, Table 5:

    The resin 2 formulation results are as follows:

    The test results of HAA resin 2 and HAA curing agent 2 are as follows:


    The resin 3 formulation results are as follows:

    The results of the above tests can be seen:

    (1) The addition of different resins and different HAA, antioxidants can play an anti-yellowing effect;

    (2) Different manufacturers, resins of different acid numbers, HAA curing agents of different manufacturers, antioxidants can all work;

    (3) In the HAA resin of different acid numbers, different manufacturers, and the HAA curing agent of different manufacturers, the effect of adding antioxidants is close, and the effect of 1% is the best, and the effect of a small amount or excess is insufficient

    This antioxidant can play the same effect
    for different manufacturers and HAA types with different acid values.
    The yellowing cause of HAA is mainly the structural cause of HAA curing agent, different resins may have different yellowing results, but the effect is consistent, and the structure of HAA curing agent of different manufacturers is the same

    The experimental results can be seen that for the HAA curing agent, the addition of about 1% of this antioxidant can improve the yellowing performance
    of haa curing powder coatings.


    TGIC curing powder coatings are gradually replaced by the future trend, from the experiment can be seen, HAA curing agent itself structural defects caused by the yellowing problem, by adding a suitable amount of antioxidants, can be well suppressed

    In terms of temperature resistance and yellowing resistance, HAA type can already meet the requirements of air conditioning external powder, with the improvement of other performance, the future will gradually replace the use of TGIC powder coating in the field of air conditioning external unit, play a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving role

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