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    Research on the Disturbance of Intestinal Flora of Dietary Active Ingredients

    • Last Update: 2021-06-10
    • Source: Internet
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    Gan Renyou, chief scientist of the Plant and Human Health Mechanism Innovation Team, Institute of Urban Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Professor Li Huabin, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, are the co-corresponding authors.
    Luo, graduate student of the Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University Min is the first author and published the title "Influences of food contaminants and additives on gut microbiota as well as protective effects" in the top international food journal "Trends in Food Science & Technology" (JCR District 1, Chinese Academy of Sciences, latest IF="11.
    077) "of dietary bioactive compounds", a comprehensive summary of the research progress of dietary active ingredients in the prevention and treatment of intestinal flora disorders caused by pollutants and additives in food.

      Studies have found that the intestinal flora plays a very important role in human health and disease.
    Intestinal microbes can provide nutrition for the human body, regulate metabolism and immunity, and synthesize amino acids and vitamins needed for human growth and development.
    Under normal circumstances, various microorganisms in the intestine are in a state of peaceful coexistence.
    Disturbance of the intestinal flora will cause a variety of chronic diseases, such as enteritis, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and cancer.
    Studies have found that environmental pollutants and certain food additives can cause disorders of the intestinal flora, which in turn can cause certain diseases, while the bioactive compounds in food can restore the disordered intestinal flora to a steady state, which may cause some diseases.
    To preventive and therapeutic effects.

      This article summarizes the effects of different contaminants and food additives in food on the intestinal flora and host health, and discusses that dietary active ingredients can reduce the toxicity of harmful substances by regulating the intestinal flora, and contribute to the importance of phytochemicals in food safety and human health.
    Potential applications in health provide a theoretical basis and a new perspective.
    In addition, research on dietary active ingredients acting on the intestinal flora to reduce the toxicity of harmful substances and protect the health of the host is still very limited.
    Therefore, more dietary active ingredients should be studied in the future, especially the tea that Chinese people like.
    This research direction integrates food safety and food nutrition, and also involves environmental science and toxicology.
    It is bound to become a hot research field and attract more researchers to carry out relevant cutting-edge work.

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