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    Resource sharing, industry integration, twin-tower food led to build Longkou fan industry alliance

    • Last Update: 2021-01-24
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, led by Twin Towers Food, the joint 13 Longkou fan enterprises, in raw material supply, technical exchanges, management upgrades and other aspects of cooperation, from the previous "single-player" to the grand union, to build longkou fan industry alliance, and jointly promote the orderly and healthy development of the industry.
    with China's consumer market into a high-speed development stage, under the upgrading of consumption, the Longkou fan industry ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development.
    , however, rapid development inevitably brings with it industry problems, such as the mismatch between demand between producers and distributors, and the contradiction between consumer demand and the ability of enterprises to serve.
    to solve these problems, we need to rely on industry guidance.
    China Food Industry Association starch and starch products committee president, shuangta food chairman Yang Junmin said that if the industry wants healthy and orderly development, we must report for heating, to create resource sharing, information sharing, market co-construction of the industry fate community, in order not to go past the "single-man" old road, in order to let Longkou fans this industry out of a new road, open the industry ecosystem of the new journey.
    is the sharing of procurement resources.
    Twin Towers Food independent research and development procurement bidding system, joint enterprises, expand the choice of their respective suppliers, improve the competitiveness of procurement business bidding, reduce procurement costs;
    Twin Towers food in the procurement of pea raw materials, pea starch production has a strong technical advantage and cost advantages, can completely turn the advantages of an enterprise into an industry advantage, in the procurement of pea raw materials, pea starch production and sales of the industry's comprehensive cooperation.
    is information resource sharing.
    the development of any industry can not be separated from the industry's resource sharing and communication, Longkou Fan Industry Alliance to strengthen technology exchange, process innovation, management upgrade and other aspects of information sharing, to promote the entire industry's technology upgrading, management upgrade.
    Process innovation, twin-tower food has a member of the Academy of Engineering, Beijing University of Industry and Commerce President Sun Baoguo led the academician workstation, with the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Ren Fuzheng led the team formally signed, set up by the academician led by the pea nutrition and health research institute, in the pea nutrition and health-related fields to carry out comprehensive cooperation; Xiong Yuxuan cooperation in research and development of protein industry technology, with Jiangnan University, Jinan University, Shandong University of Technology and other scientific research cooperation, research areas include plant protein preparation technology and new equipment development, fan deep processing and waste resource utilization of key technologies and industrialization demonstration, yellow pea resistance starch extraction and series of functional food research and development, gather the wisdom of international and domestic high-level experts, to achieve a new breakthrough in key core technologies in various fields of pea products.
    twin-tower food not only rely on external forces to win, but also cultivate in-house research and development team.
    , Vice President of Research and Development, graduated from China Agricultural University, a postgraduate guidance teacher, vice chairman of Shandong Nutrition Society, and a member of the National Technical Committee for standardization of edible starch and starch derivatives.
    he led the research and development staff, is fans, starch, protein industry cutting-edge talent, scientific and technical personnel covering almost all product lines.
    For twin-tower food, through research and development strength, energy for a variety of products, as well as actively promote product nutrition, with a healthy concept, so that products reach more consumers, reflecting the courage of the food industry leader.
    technology exchange, traditional fan industry, from hand workshops, to the era of mechanization, automation, the development of intelligent era, is in the twin towers of innovation, creation step by step to achieve.
    In this regard, Twin Towers Food also has the advantages of talent, with information management experts Chi Qingchen, 13 years of IT experience, software engineers, large project managers, expert consultants, focusing on enterprise information construction, has appointed friends software, Wave International, Dongsooic information project managers and expert consultants, has participated in a number of industries of information project construction, has a wealth of IT project implementation experience.
    Now, by Chi Qingchen is responsible for the twin-tower project focus, difficult needs to break through and land realization, twin-tower food will be this technology for industry sharing, will certainly promote the Longkou fan industry standardization, standardization, intelligence.
    from the research and development strength and research and development direction can be seen, twin-tower food for the exploration of the ecological strategic areas of the whole bean has a comprehensive and forward-looking, strong technical force, to support the traditional fan industry leapfrog development cornerstone.
    is to build a learning platform.
    In October 2020, Twin Towers Foods established a business school and launched an online learning system that includes 10 major and 50 categories of financial management, marketing, human resources, and now screens 219 courses, taught online by industry-leading people, to train more talents for business management.
    During the alliance, Twin Towers Foods said that the advantages of resources can be shared in the industry enterprises, for the industrial alliance units to provide joint procurement tenders, twin tower business school online training and learning and other aspects of free support, and use the advantages of national accredited laboratories, to provide them with technology, research and development support, to protect the fan enterprise foundation.
    same time, twin-tower food in the order to tilt, release small and medium-sized enterprises capacity, to ensure that they have orders, production, sales, profit, in short, full support and common development.
    2021, we will join hands with 13 fan enterprises to form an industrial alliance, which is a key step in the upgrading and expansion of traditional industries for twin-tower foods, and a banner for the comprehensive launch of the whole bean ecological strategy.
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