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    Responsible Care Work in the Chemical Industry Sets New Goals

    • Last Update: 2021-06-08
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    Global Coatings News: 2021 is the first year "Fourteen Five Year Plan", as well as oil and chemical industry Responsible Care new three-year action plan (2021 - 2023) of the start of the year, 3 Yue 23 , the China Petrochemical Association The Responsible Care Working Committee's 2021 work symposium was held in Changshu, Jiangsu.
    The team leaders and deputy team leaders of the committee discussed how to further advance the industry’s responsible care work, and determined that the next step is the "14th Five-Year Plan".
    During the period, 100 chemical parks and thousands of enterprises promised to implement Responsible Care, and further improved the Responsible Care standard system and evaluation mechanism.

    (2021 2023) 3 23 2021

    According to statistics, as of 2020 year-end, industry-wide total of 702 units committed to the implementation of Responsible Care, including 64- Jia Chemical Industry Park, petroleum and chemical industry, Responsible Care a three-year action plan (2018 - 2020) has been basically completed, Responsible Care in the whole The awareness of the industry has been further improved.

    2020 702 64 (2018 2020)

    Zhou Zhuye, vice chairman of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out that it is urgent to increase the coverage of responsible care commitment units in the entire industry.
    At present, there are more than
    26,000 enterprises above designated size in the industry , and fewer than 1,000 enterprises have promised to implement Responsible Care .
    Park working groups, college working groups, and publicity and training groups should play an active role in different professional fields.
    The backbone enterprises of each working group use the "
    1+N " approach to drive stakeholders to recognize, recognize, and commit to implement responsible care .

    26000 1000 1+N

    Zhou Zhuye said that the connotation of Responsible Care is open-ended, and the implementation guidelines for Responsible Care will continue to change with the advancement of technology and management.
    When formulating standards, the standards working groups must take into account the current industry management needs, the needs of policies and regulations, and the needs of the development of the new international situation.
    At the same time, the standards working groups are also practitioners of standards, and they can summarize and share their experience in practice.

    According to Luan Bingmei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Responsible Care Working Committee of the Sinopec Federation, in 2020 , the committee will strengthen the organization and infrastructure of responsible care, especially the establishment of a standard system of responsible care.
    In 2021 , the committee will continue to complete the revision of the "Responsible Care Implementation Guidelines" industry standard (HG/T4184) , complete the formulation of 6 "Responsible Care Implementation Rules" and 2 "Responsible Care Implementation Guidelines", and build a " 1+6+ X "Responsible Care Standard System Framework.

    2020 2021 (HG/T4184) 6 2 1+6+X

    AICM executive director Ma Yibing pointed out that in addition to the six core principles of responsible care , security standards and sustainable development principles also need to be paid attention to, and their importance in the international arena is gradually increasing.


    Zha Wei, deputy director of the Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the Sinopec Federation, introduced the "14th Five-Year" green development plan for China's petroleum and chemical industry, and pointed out that the in-depth implementation of Responsible Care in the industry requires the evaluation of the implementation effect of Responsible Care, and the formulation of China Responsible Care Implementation Evaluation Guidelines Establish a KPI indicator system ; enterprises and chemical parks that implement responsible care should be encouraged to actively do a good job in establishing a demonstration of a green manufacturing system.

    KPI ;

    Luan Bingmei said that the Responsible Care Working Committee has communicated with Cefic , ICCA and other international organizations on the evaluation of the implementation of Responsible Care, and has solicited opinions and suggestions from various working groups.
    At the same time, the committee is also actively discussing the rules, paths and procedures for carrying out Responsible Care certification.
    In 2021 , the committee plans to carry out research on the integration of the responsible care system and the HSE system ; establish and improve a KPI indicator system suitable for China's national conditions ; organize enterprises and chemical parks to carry out self-assessment, select working groups for peer review ; formulate implementation methods for responsible care star evaluation And evaluation standards, so as to promote the improvement of the responsible care work of the enterprise and the park in the evaluation, improve in the improvement, and finally realize the benefit from the improvement.

    CEFIC ICCA 2021 HSE ; KPI ; ;

    Participating companies and parks also introduced their successful experience in practicing responsible care.

    Zhu Huiming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Haiyu Town and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changshu New Materials Industrial Park, said that the Responsible Care Changshu New Materials Industrial Park Committee will carry out a total of 15 online and offline activities in 2020 , integrating the concept of mutual learning, mutual assistance, and sharing of responsible care into In the practice of enterprise production, operation and management.
    As of the end of
    January , the coverage rate of Responsible Care committed enterprises in the industrial park has exceeded 80% .

    2020 15 1 80%

    He Caiyin , deputy general manager of Daikin Fluorochemicals ( China ) Co.
    , Ltd.
    , said that both the Fluoride School and the Cherry Blossom Festival are Daikin’s unique responsible care activities.
    The activities of Fluoride School have a history of
    6 years and have become an important window for Daikin to spread Daikin's safety and environmental protection concepts to surrounding enterprises, related parties, and the public.
    The completion and opening of the Daikin Sakura Garden provides a platform for regional exchanges.
    Through close contact and understanding of Daikin, community residents have eliminated their misunderstandings about the chemical plant.

    ( ) 6

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