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    Reuse of wastewater from Zhongke Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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      Sinopec News.
    com China Science & Technology Refining & Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    has overcome difficulties, tapped potential and increased efficiency, and increased investment in energy conservation and environmental protection

    As of July 28, the purified water area of ​​the Ministry of Public Works has reused a total of 5.
    0476 million cubic meters of purified sewage, with a sewage reuse rate of 73%, and an average of 1006.
    3 cubic meters of water per hour, achieving a profit of about 20.
    8 million yuan


      Since the beginning of this year, in the face of unsteady driving of upstream installations, abnormal sewage containing high COD and high ammonia nitrogen has severely impacted the purified water area.
    In order to prevent a drop of excessive sewage from being discharged, keep the bottom line of environmental protection and stabilize the amount of recycled water.
    To maximize economic benefits, Zhongke Refinery held several emergency meetings to study solutions

    Manually dosing sodium hydroxide, soda ash, bacteria, etc.
    , enhance the activity of microorganisms, promote the effective degradation of COD, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants, and finally successfully resist the impact

    According to statistics, during the adjustment period, about 22 tons of solid sodium hydroxide, about 44 tons of soda ash, and about 0.
    7 tons of bacteria were added manually


      In order to tap the potential and increase efficiency, the water purification area is intensively carrying out the transformation and commissioning of rainwater monitoring pool reuse facilities, and the deployment of elite soldiers to supervise, accelerate the progress of reuse facilities, and produce benefits at the fastest speed
    It is reported that the rainwater reuse facilities that were put into use on April 11, in addition to being used for greening and irrigation, as of July 28, a total of 174,000 cubic meters of rainwater was returned to the sewage treatment plant for treatment and reuse, adding new impetus to tackling difficulties and creating benefits


      (Li Bofeng and Lai Ximin)

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