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    Revenue of 940 million yuan R&D investment is relatively large, and Tianrui Instruments 2021 annual report is released

    • Last Update: 2022-05-21
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      Major accounting data and financial indicators in the past three years

      Key Accounting Data by Quarter

      During the reporting period, the total profit of Tianrui Instruments was -58,456,000 yuan, down 232.
    98% from the same period last year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -73,321,600 yuan, down 447.
    41% from the same period last year; after deducting non-recurring gains and losses attributable to The net profit of shareholders of the listed company was -78.
    2861 million yuan, down 116.
    95% over the same period of last year; the basic earnings per share was -0.
    15 yuan, down 400.
    00% over the same period last year



      In 2021, there will be no major adverse changes in Tianrui Instruments' main business, core competitiveness, and main financial indicators
    During the reporting period, the development of the epidemic situation is still severe.
    The epidemic will bring different degrees of adverse effects on the production and operation of various industries around the world.
    Tianrui Instruments
    has a high market share in the
    analytical instrument
    industry through years of technology accumulation and product innovation.
    However, compared with internationally renowned
    instrument manufacturers, Tianrui Instruments has a certain gap in asset scale, income scale, and R&D strength, and faces direct competition with such international manufacturers

    Analytical Instruments Instrumentation
      In the field of high-end experimental analysis instruments, China's import dependence is still relatively large, the number of participating enterprises is gradually increasing, and large multinational enterprises continue to penetrate into the domestic market by taking advantage of capital, and market competition may further intensify
    And under more intense competition, it may lead to the reduction of the market share of Tianrui Instruments, and the intensification of competition will lead to the risk of falling product prices and gross profit margins, which will adversely affect the company's profitability



      Tianrui Instruments has been actively carrying out business exploration in the field of ecological protection and environmental governance, setting up relevant subsidiaries and internal business departments to promote the company's business development in the field of ecological protection and environmental governance
    However, the PPP model project has a large investment amount and a long cooperation period.
    In actual operation, affected by various aspects, the profitability of the project may be lower than the expected level, which will bring operational risks



      Overall operating income
    Overall operating income

      The main business area of ​​Tianrui Instruments is the instrumentation manufacturing industry.
    The operating income of this industry in 2021 is 958,340,608.
    95 yuan, a decrease of 2.
    87% compared with the same period of the previous year, accounting for 68.
    83% of the total operating income

    Based on technological innovation as its core competitiveness and market orientation, Tianrui Instruments has increased its investment in research and development and the market.
    The research and development expenses and sales expenses invested in this period increased compared with the same period of last year

    The products developed by some R&D investments have not yet produced direct economic benefits, and at the same time, the investments used to develop the market have failed to form direct economic benefits in a short period of time, affecting the current net profit



      2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan".
    The state has issued a series of policies to promote the control of atmospheric, water quality, soil environmental pollution and the construction of environmental monitoring networks, driving the continuous growth of the market demand for environmental monitoring instruments

    The industries involved in Tianrui Instrument continue to benefit from the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the rapid development trend of emerging industries, and the development opportunities brought about by the release of relevant laws, regulations and policies, and the market demand for related products continues to rise



      About Tianrui Instruments
    About Tianrui Instruments
      Tianrui Instrument is a high-tech enterprise specializing in analysis and testing, environmental monitoring, ecological governance and related services
    Its main business categories are analytical testing instruments, environmental monitoring instruments and ecological governance, in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments, and third-party inspection and testing services

    As a leader in the domestic analytical instrument industry, Tianrui Instruments takes advanced detection technology as the core and relies on the strong research and development capabilities of the team to continuously enrich product categories and expand new application fields.
    It has developed from a relatively single supplier of analytical instruments to a comprehensive service provider of analysis and testing



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