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    Rice bars

    • Last Update: 2021-03-12
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    Also known as the tea bar tree
    , native to our country. Happy cool and humid environment, not resistant to strong light exposure, resistant to barren and thin drought, the soil requirements are not strict, to fertile neutral soil is the most suitable.


    are commonly used for seeding and seeding. Sowing, November harvesting and winter sand tibetan, the following spring sowing, planting 30-40 days after planting, seedling bed cultivation after 1 year transplant. Insertion, to 6-July between the best, choose half-wood branches, 10-15 cm long, after 25-30 natural roots.


    transplanted seedlings should be carried out after deciduous leaves or before germination, and the transplanted seedlings should be soiled. After falling leaves or during spring transplantation, the transplanted plants are properly trimmed and shaped. Fertilize 1 time before spring germination and 1 time phosphorus potassium fertilizer before early summer flowering. Autumn weather is dry, should be watered to keep the soil moist.

    Pests and diseases:

    of normal wind has leaf spot disease and white powder disease hazards, can be used 70% methyl tobuzin wetting powder 1000 times liquid spray control. Pests have the harm of butterflies, with 2.5% of the enemy to kill 3000 times the oil spray.


    rice strips for raw shrubs, branches soft and euphemistic, tree posture, flowering, white flower dense ends, clean and lovely, suitable for planting in the pool, roadside, wall, lawn and under the edge of the forest, can be planted or planted, trimmed into a flower fence.

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