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    Rice transcription factor OsSND2 regulates the synthesis of cell wall cellulose.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-08
    • Source: Internet
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    Rice is one of the most important food crops, the cell wall component is lignocellulose, they provide the support and defense of the stalks, as the most important biomass energy, straw degradation and transformation has also been concerned.
    transcription factor is a kind of important regulatory factor of rice agronomic characteristic formation, involving yield, high plant height, fertility period, etc., but how to affect the synthesis of rice cell wall is rarely reported.
    Wu Yuejin of the Institute of Technical Biology and Agricultural Engineering of hefei Institute of Material Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with Fu Xiangdong Of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, obtained a transcription factor-controlled rice brittle mutant cef1 through heavy ion mutagenic variant.
    studies have shown that the brittleness of cef1 is caused by the loss of function of the transcription factor OsMyb103L, which affects cell wall structure by regulating cellulose synthesis (Plant Molecular Biology, 2015).
    recentresearch team from the reverse genetic approach, the use of yeast monohybrid technology, the regulation of rice cell cell cell synthesis of the transcription factor OsMYB61 library screening, obtained a transcription factor of the NAC family OsSND2, research shows that OsSND2 can combine OsMYB61 promoter, regulate OsMYB61 functional expression, affect cell cell formation, resulting in cell wall structure variation. Further research
    also found that OsSND2 can regulate multiple MYB transcription factors related to cell wall synthesis, which is the "total switch" to control cellulose synthesis in this way, which has important application value.
    this study reveals the key mechanism of rice transcription factor regulation cell wall synthesis, and lays a theoretical foundation for molecular design and breeding of rice anti-fall and straw field varieties.
    recently published in the journal Rice, Wu Yuejin group assistant researcher Ye Yafeng and graduated doctoral student Wu Kun as co-first authors of the thesis.
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