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    Riders send "fake dishes" platform loopholes urgently need to be repaired as soon as possible

    • Last Update: 2021-07-20
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    On March 19th, Mr.
    Wang from Wuhan, Hubei suffered a sad scene: Ele.
    ? The rider delivered 6 of the 7 dishes through the errand purchasing service, which was not provided by the merchant "Liang Liang Steamed Shrimp".
    It is the "1+6 true and false meal" spelled out by the rider


    Obviously, the rider’s actions not only infringe on a series of consumer rights including the right to know, the right to choose, and the right to fair transactions, but also a very typical consumer fraud by substituting fakes as genuine and shoddy
    Furthermore, considering the particularity of the products purchased on behalf of food, there may actually be some hidden food safety hazards and risks that are difficult to control

    As many netizens worry about, who dares to eat "fake" dishes with unknown origin?

    In response to this matter, Ele.
    me’s customer service has stated that when customers choose the errand purchasing service, they will pay the errand purchasing fee and the money for the purchased goods.
    The platform only charges the running errand purchasing fee, and the money for the purchased goods is controlled by the rider

    This actually means that, unlike regular order delivery, the relevant take-out platform does not have sufficient and effective monitoring for the rider's errand purchasing service.
    The corresponding errands purchasing service fee is in fact only directly traded between the consumer and the rider.
    , There is no corresponding supervision and control of the platform at all


    On the one hand, it is clear that the transaction occurred through the online trading platform, while on the other side, the relevant platform lacks effective monitoring and control.
    To a certain extent, it has become a "hands-off shopkeeper".
    This is obviously a very fatal loophole, not only for bad riders.
    The use of fakes as genuine and shoddy services provides convenience and lays down hidden dangers, and it is obviously not conducive to effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers who choose to run errands as purchasing services

    In addition to tracing the responsibilities of the rider involved, the more important and urgent thing is that the relevant takeaway platform needs to fill the loopholes in the relevant system as soon as possible, so as not to give riders the opportunity to use fakes and shoddy ones


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