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    Risheng filter element RSGP-0205F filter element

    • Last Update: 2022-05-12
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    Risheng filter element RSGP-0205F filter element

    The domestic brand filter elements are all the replacement original brand filter elements produced by our company.
    The filter material adopts the original imported
    HV company products from Germany, and the registered trademark is "Jiajie" brand
    All other brands involved in our company have no brand significance, and are only used as a reference for product model and customer selection

    The imported filter elements and filters are imported with anti-counterfeiting signs

    Our company has long-term OEM production of various >
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    Supply Risheng filter element

    Product attributes: Brand : Jiajie

    Applicable medium: air

    Availability: In stock

    Scope of application: petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel, ship, spraying, hydraulic machinery, automobile and other industries

    Service life: 8000 hours

    Product number:

    RSG series

    RSGP-0017G RSGP-0030G RSGP-0058G RSGP-0125G RSGP-0145G

    RSGP-0205F RSGP-0220F RSGP-0330F RSGP-0430F RSGP-0620F

    RSGP-1000F RSGP-1300F RSGP-1950F RSGP-3250F RSGP-4650F

    RSGO-0017G RSGO-0030G RSGO-0058G RSGO-0125G RSGO-0145G

    RSGO-0205F RSGO-0220F RSGO-0330F RSGO-0430F RSGO-0620F

    RSGO-1000F RSGO-1300F RSGO-1950F RSGO-3250F RSGO-4650F

    RSGA-0017G RSGA-0030G RSGA-0058G RSGA-0125G RSGA-0145G

    RSGA-0205F RSGA-0220F RSGA-0330F RSGA-0430F RSGA-0620F

    RSGA-1000F RSGA-1300F RSGA-1950F RSGA-3250F RSGA-4650F

    RSGX-0017G RSGX-0030G RSGX-0058G RSGX-0125G RSGX-0145G

    RSGX-0205F RSGX-0220F RSGX-0330F RSGX-0430F RSGX-0620F

    RSGX-1000F RSGX-1300F RSGX-1950F RSGX-3250F RSGX-4650F

    RSGC-0017G RSGC-0030G RSGC-0058G RSGC-0125G RSGC-0145G

    RSGC-0205F RSGC-0220F RSGC-0330F RSGC-0430F RSGC-0620F

    RSGC-1000F RSGC-1300F RSGC-1950F RSGC-3250F RSGC-4650F

    Filtration accuracy:

    Filtration accuracy μ m


    RSGO: 1

    RSGA: ​​0.

    RSGC: activated carbon 0.

    Size: complete

    product description:

    Filter element concept: Use adsorption, condensation and other filtration principles to remove oil in the air and use it in filters

    Main components : filter paper, skeleton, sponge, etc.

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    We have developed an alternative Risheng filter according to the customer's requirements:

    RSGP grade is suitable for filtering out liquid and 3 micron size agglomerates ( 5ppmw/w residual oil content)

    Two stainless steel orifice tubes for 10 micron mechanical separation

    Class 2 deep fiber media filters out 3 micron solid and liquid particles

    RSGO grade can filter out solid particles as small as 1 micron ( 1.
    residual oil powder content)

    Alternate layers of fibrous media and media screens to filter out large particles

    Grade 2 Multilayer Epoxy Bonded Hybrid Fiber Media, Deep Fiber Media

    Oil mist and solid particle removal

    micron solid particles ( 0.
    residual oil content)

     Multi-layer fibrous media and media screen to filter out large particles, pre-filter air before entering 2 -stage filtration

      Class 2 multi-layer bonded fiber media to filter out fine agglomerates

    The inner and outer filter elements are anti-corrosion, and the outer coating film is closed foam sleeve

    RSGC grade is suitable for filtering out oil vapors and hydrocarbon vapors that carbon can usually absorb; solid particles as small as 0.
    01 microns (
    residual oil content)

    Fine activated carbon powder stabilized layer,

    2 -stage multi-layer fiber media bonded microfine activated carbon powder to filter out residual steam

    Multi-layer fine media to prevent contaminants from migrating

    Both the inner and outer filter elements are anti-corrosion, and the outer coated closed foam sleeve prevents fiber migration.

    Call Risheng filter details!

    Unit: Hangzhou Jiajie Electromechanical Equipment Co.
    , Ltd.
     Website http:// class="MsoNormal"> Address: No.
    1191 , Linding Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou (Building B , Jiadewei Industrial Park )
    Postal Code: 310021

    Person in charge: Zhu Xiaoping Tel: 0571-28811100 Fax: 0571-85142370   Phone : 13588388654

    Email : jjzxp0707@163.

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