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    Road repair agents are among the epoxy flooring markets

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    China Paint Online News Information:
    cement pavement repair agent: among the largest market for epoxy floor construction. The restored pavement and car park have been completely new, and cement pavement repair agents require that the road surface be cleaned up before it can be repaired. This year, some townships in Lingchuan County were seriously damaged, in Wang Mangling scenic area, heavy rain caused damage to roads inside and outside the scenic area, in order not to affect the normal operation of the scenic area, scenic area during the closure began to repair the road surface and parking lot, Taohe New Materials Company's products came in use here, the company produced cement pavement repair agent, with the rapid curing at room temperature, road surface repair within 24 hours can open traffic, and increase road surface pressure resistance, resistance, adhesion, resistance, etc. In fact, in May this year, from Beijing, Hunan, Shijiazhuang and other places of business began to walk into the development zone of the Taohe New Materials Company, in-depth understanding of the company's products cement pavement repair agent, not only to determine the use of the product to the local underground garage, cement pavement repair, so that the company's market personnel did not imagine that some years of construction of epoxy flooring merchants also decided to use cement pavement repair agent in the construction, really verified the scientific and technological content and performance of the product market to determine the iron law.
    Epoxy flooring is composed of high-performance epoxy resin main agent and curing agent, with special tools and accessories, by professional construction personnel on-site construction and the formation of a color, the overall seamless industrial floor, applicable to a variety of industrial, civil, commercial flooring, cement pavement repair agent rely on good performance to squeeze into the epoxy flooring construction of the large market, become the development of taohe company thick ink color. What is the role of epoxy flooring in life? Epoxy flooring is a high-quality floor decoration products, relying on wear resistance, gloss, pressure resistance, chemical resistance and other advantages in recent years have been widely used, the overall seamless, completely dust-free, easy to clean, can meet the requirements of high cleanliness industrial plant; Anti-mold, impermeable, highly wear-resistant, walkable heavy vehicles, has good toughness, is not de-layered by impact, does not crack, and the grass roots (concrete, tiles, metals, etc.) are firmly bonded, under the premise of construction quality assurance, do not dislay, not cracked, resistant to a certain degree of chemical corrosion. Including the use of industrial development, life, traffic on the road. The repair agent effectively solves the weakness of epoxy floor. In recent years, with the rapid development of expressways, the problem of cement pavement damage is becoming more and more obvious.
    Due to factors such as freezing rain and snow or poor maintenance during construction, there are often some "diseases" such as pits or hemp noodles on the road surface in the case of good conditions at the grass-roots level, which affect driving comfort and accelerate the destruction of the grass-roots roads. In view of the repair of cement pavement, Taohe New Materials Company has developed cement pavement repair agent. The advantages of the product have five characteristics: First, the construction operation is simple, second, fast curing at room temperature, road surface repair, 24 hours can open traffic, third, repair agent repair of the road surface pressure resistance, fold resistance, adhesion, wear resistance is far greater than The mud is much higher; fourth, it can restore the original performance of concrete, and at the same time has good impermeability, anti-freeze melting, wear-and-corrosion resistance; and fifth, it can do color pavement, such as: stadium track, park trail, large square, repair the road surface can also beautify the environment. Cement pavement repair agents have just come on the market, and they are emerging in the road repair market. In October 2015, the cement pavement of Fenglingdu over-limit station in Shaanxi Province was damaged, due to factors such as freezing rain and snow or lack of maintenance during construction, resulting in pits or hemp noodles on the road surface in the case of good condition at the grass-roots level, etc., which will quickly develop into an incurable "disease" if not repaired in time.
    is located in the corner of the east turn of the Yellow River, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces of the traffic forsection. After these "diseases" develop to a certain extent, they must be maintained by digging and filling, which not only wastes construction materials, but also requires long-term road closure. Company manager Li Ruiping said: "When we rush to repair the damaged road surface of Fenglingdu over-limit station, the main material used is cement pavement repair agent, and is without affecting road access to complete the road repair quickly, the effect has been widely recognized by the market." "At the beginning of this year, a company in Yueyang, Hunan Province, came to the door, a large underground parking lot, one summer, because of the humidity, the epoxy floor coating, forming a drum bag, the road surface ruptured, fell off, the rainy season will even be up water. After understanding the cement pavement repair agent, it was decided to use the product for construction in June this year. Merchants from Beijing specialize in epoxy flooring construction, in the face of many problems and maintenance problems after the construction, in a large number of products to see the advantages of cement pavement repair agent, decided to use a large number of construction. This makes the cement pavement repair agent just in the road repair has a greater business opportunity, the widespread use of products and the company's development is a very good news.
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