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    Russia has plans for a krill fishing project in Antarctica

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
    • Source: Internet
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    On December 29th it was announced that Rosrybolovstvo, a Russian fisheries agency, was implementing a large-scale national plan for krill fishing in Antarctica, which would begin in the next three to five years.
    the end of last year, the Russian fishing research vessel Atlantis explored Antarctica's krill population for the first time after a 17-year hiast.
    scientifically estimated that the biomass of krill in the region is now higher than it was 17 years ago.
    , head of Rosrybolovstvo, said about 300,000 tonnes of krill could be harvested over the next four to five years.
    to achieve this, Rosrybolovstvo expects to build three to five new vessels for Antarctic fishing.
    , three Russian fishing giants have confirmed their plans to catch Antarctic krill, including Norebo Holding, RFC and V. Lenin Fishing Collective Farm in Kamchatka.
    Norebo Holding said there was now a new krill fishing vessel design technology from abroad, but was well suited to the requirements of Russian maritime registered vessels.
    new design is also suitable for the further construction of large ocean-going trawlers such as mackerel, mackerel and cod.
    new krill fishing vessel could be the beginning of a series of Russian trawlers under the project, which will be completed and put into service within the next five years.
    Norebo Holding points out that the problem now is the need to address krill production, marketing, logistics and ship operations, and that Russia has been away from the krill fishery for a long time.
    Russian Fisheries Corporation (RFC) also believes that antarctic krill fishing and marketing prospects are promising, and is studying them in depth.
    aware of all the risks: from the challenge of building unique vessels, to organizing logistics in Antarctica, to fishing operations in remote Antarctica, RFC needs to address a number of complex issues.
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