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    Russia's Ministry of Agriculture lowered tariffs on barley and corn exports for the coming week

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
    • Source: Internet
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    MOSCOW, Nov.
    21: Export tariffs on grain issued by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture show that export tariffs on wheat, barley and corn denominated in rubles have been reduced
    For the period from November 23 to 29, 2022, the benchmark price of Russian wheat and blended wheat is $312.
    5 per tonne, and the export duty is 2,735.
    2 rubles (about $45.
    per tonne.
    This compares with a benchmark price of $312.
    3 for the period from November 16 to 22 and export duties of 2,922.
    1 rubles (about $48.
    per tonne.
    The benchmark price of barley is set at $286.
    7 per tonne, and the export duty is 2,430.
    0 rubles/mt; The previous week's benchmark price was $288.
    5 and the export duty was 2,686.
    7 rubles / mt
    The benchmark price of corn is $233.
    9 per tonne, and the export duty is 193.
    rub/mt; The previous week's benchmark price was $236.
    4 and the export duty was 447.
    5 rubles / ton per tonne
    On June 30, 2022, Russia announced that it would change tariffs from US dollars to rubles from July 6
    , 2022.
    The formula is to subtract 15,000 rubles from the benchmark price of wheat and multiply by 70%.

    The benchmark price of wheat in the formula is the benchmark price calculated by the Moscow Exchange based on the FOB contract price
    reported by the exporter.
    The export base price of barley and corn was also changed from $185/ton to 13,875 rubles, calculated by subtracting 13,875 rubles from the base price and multiplying by 70%.

    The Russian Ministry of Agriculture implemented formula taxation
    from June 2, 2021.
    The ruble was trading at 60.
    77 to the dollar on Monday, compared with 60.
    60 to the dollar
    a week ago.
    Note: 1 US dollar is equal to 60.
    77 rubles
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