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    "Safety and non-toxic ultra-thin fire protection coating" won the first prize of the China Chemical Science and Technology Award

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
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    With the improvement of people's requirements for fireproof materials products, the research and development technology of fireproof coatings in China has been further improved. Recently, by the Marine Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Marine Chemical Institute) research and development of "safe non-toxic ultra-thin fire protection coating" project won the 2014 China Chemical Science and Technology Award first prize. The company developed ultra-thin steel structure fire protection coating and ultra-thin non-metallic structure fire protection coating is the first successful domestic development of toxicity to meet the requirements of GJB11A-98 fire protection coating products. In addition to being used in ship cabins, weapons and various sealed workrooms, the fireproof material can also be used in large buildings such as exhibition halls, terminals, large shopping malls, sports stadiums, etc.

    Compared with traditional materials, the coating of the new material is thinner and less smokey, which can partially replace the use of refractable materials of ship structure, and can save a lot of ship space, reduce ship weight and increase efficiency for enterprises. At the same time, the project also developed a new type of fire-resistant paint resin and two new environmentally friendly fire-resistant coating system, for the development of domestic environmentally friendly fire-resistant coatings to broaden the space.

    new materials to reduce smoke by 30%

    " At present, the domestic common use of fire-resistant coatings for expansion and non-expansion type. Wang Huajin, deputy chief engineer of Marine Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., told xiao editing, "The disadvantage of non-expansion type fire protection coating is to apply very thick, is more than 10 times the ultra-thin type of fire protection coating, and once the structure deformation or after a long period of wind and rain, it is easy to lead to cracks in the wall, if a few years later re-painting is very troublesome, so foreign countries use more expansion fire protection paint." "The new material we've developed is thinner than conventional fire protection coatings, and it's relatively low in smoke and toxicity, and at similar prices, the smoke from new materials can be reduced by about 30 percent." Wang Huajin said, "Haihua Hospital ultra-thin fire protection coating 2 mm thick fire resistance limit of 120 minutes, then will be based on different fire levels to determine the thickness of the coating, technology in the domestic has been in the leading level." "

    prices are 50 per cent lower than

    there is a potential risk that there will be some potential risks to products that are in high demand, and that is market disruption." Now the market fish and dragon mixed, some businesses to the second best, just a low price, the effect of fire paint can be imagined, consumers are also difficult to distinguish between fire protection paint "true and false." Wang Huajin told the editor-in-chief, "In the face of the current market, we want to quickly and large-scale occupation of the market is very difficult." "

    , Wang Huajin has locked the market into a professional area." Fire is usually divided into hydrocarbon fire and standard fire. Hydrocarbon fires include explosions caused by oil. We have developed the country's first hydrocarbon fire-resistant fire-resistant coatings, can be used in offshore oil platforms and refineries and other places. Wang Huajin told the small editor, "Previously, because there was no technological breakthrough in China, so hydrocarbon fire-resistant fire-resistant paint

    marine chemical yard new fire-resistant paint can be used in ship cabins, airports and so on."

    rely on foreign imports at prices at least five times higher than ordinary fire-resistant coatings.

    Wang Huajin said: "After years of research, we developed hydrocarbon fire-resistant paint prices can be about 50% lower than imports, and there are no domestic competitors, the market is relatively professional, the promotion of the difficulty is not so great."

    can extend rescue time

    the main components of the marine platform are high-strength steel materials, for the oil platform in this special environment of the metal structure corrosion protection, fire protection measures using coating protection is the most effective. Anti-corrosion coatings in the oceanic atmosphere require excellent resistance to atmospheric aging and salt-resistant sediments. Fireproof coatings require fire, explosion and flame blasts that protect metal structures from volatile hydrocarbons, and are highly enclosed, chemically resistant, mechanically resistant, etc. to meet the long-term use requirements of the marine environment.

    well known, many fires occurred at the scene, causing casualties are mostly caused by smoke, high-quality fireproof materials caused by small smoke. In the course of the interview, Wang Huajin mentioned the concepts of "10,000" and "in case" many times. "A lot of people think that fire-resistant paint is not very useful, may be painted with fire-resistant paint, if not fire also does not work. But in the case of a fire, fire-resistant coatings can extend the fire resistance time of steel structures, for the evacuation of personnel and the rescue of the cargo site to buy valuable time. Wang Huajin said.
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