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    Sales of Brazilian-style cassasa wine are on the rise in French bars

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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      Sylvie Casanovas, a professor of winemaking at the Instituto Clorivière Institute in Brazil, France, recently pointed out that Brazil's unique sugarcane wine, cacha, is becoming a fashion symbol for French bars, and some entrepreneurs have noticed the potential for its sale.
    , 44% of Brazil's casasa exports in 2019 went to the European Union.
    Brazil's G1 website reported on January 18th, however, can Brazilian sugar cane replace other types of distilled spirits in the French market? Professor Casanovas did not respond.
    brazilian wine has expanded in France because it can be used to make mixed drinks.
    said the re-emergence of cocktail art in Europe over the past decade had driven an increase in sugar cane wine imports.
    cocktail is a blend of drinks or foods.
    explains: "Casasa can be used to make many cocktails.
    brazil's most classic Caipirinha cocktail is made by locals using casasa.
    strong selling point of "sugar cane wine" is the French's good impression of Brazilian culture.
    according to entrepreneur Sylvie? Sylvie Delauche says that even if Europeans' impressions of Brazilians are based solely on samba and carnivals, they can't stop their curiosity about Brazilian cultural products.
    : "In fact, Brazil has been outstanding in all the cup competitions in football.
    and these events do help sell all kinds of products in this star country, and Casasa is one of the products that benefits.
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