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    Salmon ovary extract becomes the black technology of skin field!

    • Last Update: 2016-04-18
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    In 2015, a research report on salmon ovarian extract was published in Japan, which shocked the whole of Japan for a while Even in the international aspect, many research institutions and medical centers expressed their concern about the future research of salmon ovarian extract, and indicated that they were willing to provide some help for the future research of this report What is the salmon ovary extract? It may not be known to many people that in fact, the salmon ovary extract is extracted from the salmon ovary membrane (the part of the salmon skin) The most advanced collection technology in Japan is used to extract 100% of the salmon ovary peptide It is necessary to know that salmon ovarian peptide contains rich amino acids, collagen, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, nucleic acid, etc., through which a large number of nutrients required by human skin daily can be supplemented, stimulating skin growth factors, thus activating dormant cells in the skin, accelerating skin metabolism and promoting blood circulation, making hormones in the body balance Salmon ovary extract becomes the black technology of skin field! The Japanese enterprise that publishes the Research Report of salmon ovary extract is located in 31-2, Matsushita, Chiyoda District, Tokyo, Japan, which specializes in the research of skin problems and various factors of rapid aging of human body How to fundamentally delay the phenomenon of human aging, so that the human body can achieve long-term health and youth as the macro goal of the medical human anti-aging research institute of the company This institution has many authoritative medical institutions certification, and has close cooperation with many scientific research institutions in Japan It adheres to the spirit of "mutual discussion and learning", which makes the medical technology of the medical human anti-aging research institution of ホ シケカルズ Co., Ltd the most top-ranking scientific research institution even in the international aspect At the same time, it also sets off the medical beauty in the world Skin care industry unprecedented huge wave The powerful effect of salmon ovary extract has been dubbed as the black technology in the skin field by Japanese netizens At present, the medical human body anti-aging research institute of feifeifeifeifei Co., Ltd and Guangzhou xiaoyoumei Technology Co., Ltd have formed a strategic alliance and decided to jointly develop the fresh muscle mystery salmon ovary beauty solution Recently, it has been reported that the research and development direction has been preliminarily determined according to the multiple meetings and discussions between the two sides The skin care product will be named as salmon ovarian beauty solution in Japan, which is named as "feifeifeifeifeifeifeifeifei beauty solution"!
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