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    Sanhe Waterproofing has great potential for "coating" waterproof construction and coating, and the launch of waterproofing membranes

    • Last Update: 2021-05-07
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    In April, the peach blossoms of the mountain temple begin to bloom.
    In the April of Niaoyuhuaxiang, in order to showcase the company's hardware and technology investment, and rebuild confidence in the promotion of construction coatings, the Group carried out the launch of waterproof construction coatings and the launch of waterproof membranes at the Xinghe base.
    Group chairman and president Ernest, chief engineer of R&D, deputy general manager of accessories sales, deputy director of tooling department and other leaders came to the scene to witness this important moment together.

    Activity site 
    Activity site 

    Waterproofing is a livelihood project related to the quality of life of all people, and it is also a key project of today's urban construction.
    Therefore, Sanhe Jinghua Group caters to the needs of the society, increases investment in the field of waterproofing, and grandly launches waterproofing membrane products to widely solve key waterproof areas such as underground projects, tunnels, subways, and civil buildings.

    Leo, the chief engineer of R&D, said that the successful listing of Sanhe waterproof membranes is inseparable from the hard work of engineers day and night.
    Waterproof construction coating has a huge market demand, and it is necessary to continuously improve the level of research and development to meet market challenges.

    Technology benefits life, and innovation leads the future.
    Suny, deputy general manager of the accessories sales department, believes that Sanhe Jinghua is committed to creating a one-stop service for high-quality building materials, with waterproof products as an important part, and its listing is of great significance to the development of Sanhe waterproofing.

    Lu'an Zhang said that he was very honored to be present at the scene.
    He mentioned that the successful listing of Sanhe Waterproof Coiled Materials has provided distributors with sufficient confidence.
    Every product behind Sanhe Jinghua is hard-won, and will work together to create a beautiful living environment.

    At the much-anticipated launching ceremony of the waterproof membrane dry ice, the group's executives and guest representatives picked up the curling pot on the countertop, and the fog evaporated on the spot, vigorously rising, symbolizing the Sanhe waterproofing, which is very paintable!

    waterproof materials 
    waterproof materials 

    Sanhe waterproofing membrane series products include pre-paved polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membranes, tireless self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, polymer modified asphalt root puncture-resistant waterproofing membranes, etc.
    All kinds of waterproof coatings perfectly solve the problems of water leakage, penetration, dampness, and root penetration of vegetation.
    It can be used in basements, pools, subways, tunnels, planted roofs, etc.

    So far, the launch of the waterproof construction coating and the launch of the waterproof coiled material have been successfully completed.
    This event symbolizes another achievement of Sanhe Jinghua Group in the field of accessories, laying a foundation for shaping the national brand image in the field of accessories.
    I believe that with the efforts of all parties, Sanhe waterproof series products will be able to take advantage of the strength and achieve great results in 2021!

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