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    Sci Adv: Scientists hope to develop novel therapy for small cell lung cancer

    • Last Update: 2022-05-23
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    March 6, 2022 / Bio Valley BIOON / -- EP300 is a transcriptional cofactor that is very important in cell proliferation and differentiation, and is frequently mutated in various cancer types, including small cell lung cancer
    Since these mutations are thought to result in loss of EP300 function, little is known about their impact on tumorigenesis

    Recently, in a research report titled "KIX domain determines a selective tumor-promoting role for EP300 and its vulnerability in small cell lung cancer" published in the international journal Science Advances, scientists from the University of Virginia and other institutions studied or It is expected to inhibit the occurrence and progression of small cell lung cancer in laboratory mice, an unexpected discovery that may help open the door to the development of new treatments


    In the article, the researchers sought to understand the key role that mutations in the EP300 gene play in the development of small cell lung cancer tumors.
    The experimental results showed that the protein produced by the gene has surprising properties, which can either promote or prevent small cell lung cancer.
    by preventing the gene from acting as a tumor promoter, the researchers were able to block the formation and spread of cancer, both in cell samples and in laboratory mice

    The protein's important role in tumor formation makes it an attractive target for researchers to develop novel therapies for small cell lung cancer, a very dangerous form of cancer with an average five-year survival rate of only about 7 percent for patients


    "The most striking aspect of this study is that we explain the unique susceptibility of EP300 at the molecular level, down to an amino acid," said researcher Park.
    Given that EP300 is frequently mutated in multiple cancer types, we hope that by targeting The concept of targeting the EP300 KIX domain may be expected to have more general applicability in the field of cancer therapy research

    Small cell lung cancer accounts for about 13% of all lung cancers diagnosed, and if detected early (i.
    before the cancer has spread beyond the lungs), patients tend to have better treatment outcomes, but it is a rapidly growing disease.
    type of cancer, and often it is not discovered until after it has spread

    Smoking is a major risk factor, and current treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, which for most patients does not cure the cancer, meaning there is an urgent need for researchers to develop better treatments sexual means


    In this study, the researchers proposed a potential new method.
    They used a genetically engineered mouse model to investigate the important role of EP300 in the development of small cell lung cancer and found that the protein encoded by the gene can both It promotes and also inhibits tumor formation, with one specific domain of the protein appearing to promote cancer development, while another appears to block cancer progression; the researchers then further investigated a tumor-promoting domain called KIX, It turned out that this domain is essential for the development of small cell lung cancer, without this domain cancer would not exist, it turns out that cancer must contain this domain in order to occur


    Image source: https:// targeting KIX may be expected as a new method to treat small cell lung cancer in patients, and KIX may be a special weakness of small cell lung cancer; in order to reveal this weakness in depth, the researchers have previously considered targeting Scientists working on KIX domains work together
    Based on the current data, researchers are very interested in developing drugs that target the KIX domain, as this may have a variety of implications for the development of cancer therapies, especially for small cell lung cancer and leukemia

    The researchers are excited to provide some clues for developing better treatments for small cell lung cancer


    Taken together, our findings demonstrate that we uncover a domain-specific role of EP300 in small cell lung cancer and the unique susceptibility of the EP300 KIX domain in the treatment of novel therapeutic interventions

    Original source:

    KIX domain determines a selective tumor-promoting role for EP300 and its vulnerability in small cell lung cancer, Science Advances (2022).

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