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    Sci TransMed: New fast and efficient treatment promises to treat patients with acute myeloid leukemia

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 10, 2020/
    BIOON-- In a recent study published in the international journalScience Translational Medicine, scientists from institutions such as Nottingham Trent University have studied or are expected to identify patients with malignantleukemia
    who are not responding to chemotherapy but may benefit from new immunotherapy treatmentsIn the article, the researchers gained insight into how the immune system reacts in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and the findings may help develop new personalized therapies and ensure that patients receive the right treatment without chemotherapy, even though chemotherapy is still the standard treatment for most cancer patientsPicture Source: Nottingham Trent University
    AML is usually rapid and worsening, and patients need timely treatment, are highly resistant to chemotherapy, have a high recurrence rate, and only one in five patients survives five years afterdiagnosisImmuno-targeted therapy is a means of using the host body's immune system to fight cancer, and its ability to predict which patients and types of cancer will respond to immuno-targeted therapy remains limitedFor those who did not respond well to chemotherapy, the survival rate was only four months, and there was no good treatment for such patientsthe study, researchers used new techniques to analyze the immune structure sized in bone marrow samples from hundreds of AML adults and children's body, which could help them reveal clinical differences in immune genes in different stages of disease and age groups, and this work includes creating important AML genes and protein frameworks that provide new insights into how the body's immune system interacts with cancer cells, as well as understanding how therapy can be used to treat specific groups of cancer patientsresearchers can findof specific immuno
    biomarkers to help predict which patients will be resistant to chemotherapy and which will benefit from the treatment
    of flotezumab, a new type of immunotherapy drug called "bispecifics", which has a similar structure to antibodies and allows T-cells to function again, and the drug flotezumab, which can be used to and promote seismothe researcher Sergio Rutella says AML treatment is now an area that scientists have been exploring, with poor prognosis in AML patients, chemotherapy tolerance and relapse, so the study sheds unprecedented insight into the immune ecosystem of AML patients, while also identifying immune genetic traits in tumor that reflect the immune state of the patient's body and predict the patient's anti-leukemia immune potential; Finally, the researchers say that better predicting the patient's body's response in the future may be important for guiding the patient's medication to achieve greater benefits ( original origins: Jayakumar Vadakekolathu, D Minden, Tressa Hood, et al.
    Immune landscapes geggy rydy rydy dweud and immunotherapy response in acute myeloid , Science Translational Medicine (2020) doi: 10.1126/scitranslmeded.aaz0463
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