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    Science: Brain Imaging Reveals the Mysteries of Aging

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    June 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent study, scientists took the first color picture of the brains of mice of different ages, an important step in understanding individual behaviorThe findings, published in the journal Science, are crucial to uncovering the mechanisms of learning disabilities and dementia, as well as how memory is affected by ageSynapses are important connections that transmit electrical and chemical information between brain cellsSynaptic damage has been linked to more than 130 brain diseasesFor the study, researchers at the University of Edinburgh color-coded different types of molecules to highlight the synapses in the brains of mice of different ages from birth to old age(Photo source:They found that the number of synapses and molecular composition vary with age in different parts of the brainThis occurs at three main stages, namely, children, middle-aged and old ageThe type of synapse varies with age, which is a pattern specific to the brain region and develops into a variety of forms in middle ageImages from the middle-aged brain are complex, suggesting that synapses are now more diverseIn contrast, the brains of younger and older mice showed fewer synapses and less complexityThe researchers say these changes could shed light on why synaptic damage is easily caused at a specific age and in specific brain regionsAt the same time, these findings shed light on why we are more likely to develop brain disease at certain agesFor example, schizophrenia usually begins in adolescence, and dementia mainly affects older people(BioValley Source: Clues to ageing come to light in vivid snapshots of brain cell cells original origin: "A brain-wide atlas of synapses the mouse lifespan" Science (2020)URL: ..1126/science.aba3163
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